Catit, Nuna Treats – Insect Protein-Based Cat Treats

Discover Catit Nuna treats

Catit Nuna Superior Treats are part of our Catit Nuna range of insect protein-based foods. They’re the perfect alternative to unsustainable meat-based treats. Easily digestible and highly flavorful, these revolutionary treats are loved by cats and give feline lovers the opportunity to make a difference. Our recipes feature pure insect larvae, rich in healthy protein, and set a new standard in premium cat treats.


✔️Delicious and nutritious
✔️Up to 97% sustainable protein
✔️Based on clean, high-quality insect proteins
✔️Easy to digest and gluten-free


Let your cat enjoy nutritious insect protein with a small amount of real chicken for an irresistible taste. Our lean cuts of chicken help support metabolism and function
cerebral. In many cultures around the world, insects are part of the main menu, simply because they are so delicious, beneficial and sustainable! The Catit Nuna range includes whole Hermetia illucens larvae, a true superfood bursting with protein and many other healthy ingredients!

Cats love this blend of innovative insect proteins and succulent herring, which helps support metabolism and brain function. Our Atlantic herring comes from sustainable farms with MSC certification.

This flavor offers a special blend of insect proteins, namely Hermetia illucens larvae and mealworms. These are highly nutritious and are among the most used insect proteins worldwide! Learn more about the benefits of mealworms in the FAQ.

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