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Do you have your privilege card?

Start accumulating points right way when you get your privilege card from the Chico Shop closest to you! The rewards program is very simple: accumulate two points for each dollar spent on in-store purchases. Then, redeem your points to get discounts on purchases made at any Chico store. Ask for the privilege card at the checkout counter in the Chico store in your neighbourhood!

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Friendly advice on coping with the loss of your pet

Is your pet having increasing difficulty walking, eating, playing, sleeping or breathing? Are they very old or suffering from a serious illness? Do you spend all your time worrying about your furry friend and are heartbroken to see them weakened? The Chico team has prepared some friendly advice on how to prepare for your pet’s

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House Soiling: Trouble Beyond the Litter Box

Coming home to an unpleasant “surprise” on the floor is an inevitable fact for any cat owner. Unfortunately, cats don’t always connect with the litter box. Even if your cat is well-behaved, she may sometimes choose a different spot at home, especially if she’s suddenly frightened or gets trapped in a room. If this problem

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