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Privilege Card

Start accumulating points right way when you get your privilege card from the Chico Shop closest to you! The rewards program is very simple: accumulate two points for each dollar spent on in-store purchases. Then, redeem your points to get discounts on purchases made at any Chico store. Ask for the privilege card at the checkout counter in the Chico store in your neighbourhood!

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Why is my dog losing its hair?

If you’ve noticed your dog shedding or losing hair, in clumps or generally over their body, it’s important you understand what the common causes might be before consulting a vet. Hair loss symptoms in your dog The symptoms of hair loss can include your dog’s hair feeling brittle or dry, shedding more hair than normal,

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How to protect your dog from ticks

Summer is the perfect time to take advantage of being outdoors with your dog. However, just as you enjoy the warmer weather, so too do a host of disease-carrying bugs, including ticks. At Chico, we’ve prepared this article to help you and your pet safely enjoy the outdoors. Ticks in Quebec Tick populations have been

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