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Do you have your privilege card?

Start accumulating points right way when you get your privilege card from the Chico Shop closest to you! The rewards program is very simple: accumulate two points for each dollar spent on in-store purchases. Then, redeem your points to get discounts on purchases made at any Chico store. Ask for the privilege card at the checkout counter in the Chico store in your neighbourhood!

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Chico: A Quebec company from head to tail!

Every June, Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day reminds us of what it means to be proudly ‘’Québécois’’, Chico is no exception! Quebec and its people (and pets!) have been at the heart of everything we do for 37 years now. So, in the interest of celebrating our “thoroughly ‘’Québécois’’” identity, we wanted to share more about our company’s

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5 Animal Care Tips for Summer

With the hot, hot weather we have had this month, it feels like summer is off to an early start—not that we are complaining! That said, it is essential to look out for our beloved pets when the temperatures start to rise. Our furry friends can be as sensitive to extreme temperatures as their owners.

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