Gourmet pâtés – the dozen (12 cans)

Treat your cat to a variety of exquisite flavors with this dozen of Gourmet Pâtés for cats (12x 5.5oz) from the Chico-Gourmet brand. Each dozen includes 12 cans of pâté, featuring 4 different recipes, with 3 cans per recipe.

The premium ingredients used for each recipe ensure healthy and delicious nutrition for your cat. Our Gourmet Fish of the Sea Pâté is ideal for the most demanding cats, while our Gourmet Chicken & Liver and Chicken & Turkey Pâtés are perfect for cats who love meats. Our Gourmet Chicken & Salmon Pâté offers a tasty option for cats who enjoy variety.

Whether used as a main meal or a snack, these Chico-Gourmet Gourmet Pâtés for cats are a convenient and delicious option to diversify your cat’s diet without any hassle. Treat your cat to a unique culinary experience with this dozen of Gourmet Pâtés for cats.

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Additional information