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The Chico Privilege card (hereinafter the “Program”) is available in all Boutique d’animaux chico store, with some restrictions. The use of your Card (hereinafter the “Card”) in Boutique d’animaux chico store is governed by the Terms and Conditions of the Program. By participating in the Program, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept all related Terms and Conditions, please refrain from participating in the Program.

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The Terms of Use Agreement

The Chico Gift & Rewards Card

The following Terms of Use Agreement apply to the user of The Chico Gift & Rewards Card Programs. The use of any Chico Card constitutes the acceptance to the terms and conditions identified in this Agreement. Customers, who do not accept any of these Terms and Conditions, should refrain from participating in the Program.

Use of The Chico Gift Dollars

The Chico Gift dollars can only be used as a form of payment at the Boutiques d’animaux Chico locations. The Chico Gift dollars allows user to add dollars on the card for future purchases. The amount on your Chico dollars do not expire, they are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash.

 Adding dollars to The Chico Gift Card

You can add dollars to your Chico Gift Card at any Boutiques d’animaux Chico location. A minimum value of $10.00 is required per Chico Gift Card activation.

Use of The Chico Rewards Card / Account


All Chico Rewards Card holders can obtain Reward Points per dollar spent pre-tax at any Boutiques d’animaux Chico location.  In order to collect points and earn rewards, card holders must present their own physical or digital Chico Reward cards to the cashier at time of purchase transaction in any Boutique d’animaux Chico location. All valid Members can present their physical or digital Chico Rewards Cards to redeem their Points for items sold at any Boutiques d’animaux Chico location.  Valid Members will receive and may earn personalized email promotions from time to time from Chico. 100 points are equivalent to $1 (before taxes).


Points will be awarded at the rate of two points per dollar spent on admissible purchases made in-store. Points are calculated on the total net amount, before taxes and transportation fees, shown on the transaction receipt. The total number of points awarded and registered for the transaction receipt will be rounded down to the nearest dollar of the purchase amount. During special promotional offers, Boutique d’animaux Chico may offer additional points (“Bonus Points”). with the purchase of certain products. Once awarded, the Bonus Points are added to the Member’s current points balance.

No points are given for the purchase of the following products and services: gift cards and prepaid cards, sponsorships and donations. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, points will be issued to gift card holders if the card is being used to pay for their purchases.

In the event that points are inadvertently awarded, Boutique d’animaux Chico reserves the right to revoke them at any time, without prior notice. Boutique d’animaux Chico also reserves the right to add or exclude eligible items from the Program, at its sole discretion, without prior notice.


The Boutiques d’animaux Chico Reward and exclusive promotions are offered and emailed to privileged members only and are applicable for a limited time to all or the location(s) identified within the personalized offer. The promotional offers may vary from time to time and from location to location.

The Chico Rewards card and the member’s card cannot be combined with any other promotion and or promotional program run by Boutique d’animaux Chico.


Card holders need to register their profiles online at  by linking their Chico Rewards Card to their profile and accept these Terms and Conditions to become a privileged member OR they could use their smart phone and opt to obtain a digital Chico Rewards Card upon registration. The customer is offered the choice to use a physical or a digital rewards card.

Customers must become members in order to use their Chico Reward Points as a form of payment. The membership is free and no initial purchase is required. The members of the Program must be individuals with the minimum of 14 years of age and must reside legally in Canada. Corporations, joint-ventures, groups and associations are exempt from participating in the Chico Rewards Program. Customers can go to any Boutique d’animaux Chico location to obtain the Chico Rewards Card. Customers wishing to use a Chico Rewards Digital Card will need to register their profile online to receive a digital card after they have completed their membership registration.

Customers will receive an activation email and will be required to click on the authentication link to complete their membership enrollment.  Participants must provide information such as their, name, address, phone number and email address, and the kind of pets they own.


A valid Member is any customer who has completed the free registration process and activated their Chico Gift & Rewards Card membership profile by using the web and a valid email. The Chico Gift & Rewards Cards are not credit cards.

The Members of the Chico Rewards Program must maintain their personal information (as hereinafter defined), namely their name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, through their secured member profile access online. Members are responsible to ensure that all information provided is up to date and valid. Boutique d’animaux Chico, may contact the Member at any time to verify any information it believes to be incorrect. Boutique d’animaux Chico reserves the right to cancel any Card and membership with incomplete or inaccurate personal information, as well as to withhold all points that have been accumulated on the Card through the Program.


The Chico Gift & Rewards Programs, Boutique d’animaux Chico and the Boutiques d’animaux Chico locations cannot be held responsible for lost, forgotten, stolen or expired cards and promotions. If the presentation of the Chico Rewards card was forgotten, then no points will be awarded once the transaction is completed. Boutique d’animaux Chico is not liable for any account transactions that occur between a card’s loss or theft, or unauthorized account access, and when said loss, theft or unauthorized access is reported to Boutique d’animaux Chico. Members are responsible to immediately report a lost or stolen Card or unauthorized use or access to their account through the contact us form found on the Members login page online. The Chico Rewards card / account balance are only protected from the point in time the Member notifies the Chico Rewards Program support team of their lost, stolen or damaged card and the identification, verification of the member’s profile has been established.

The Member may replace their lost Chico Rewards card by visiting any Boutique d’animaux Chico location to obtain a replacement card, they must provide their contact information (name, address and telephone number). Once the card has been replaced the Members is responsible to contact the customer support team through the members online login page to make a request to transfer the values from old card to new card. The values will be transferred within 24 to 48 working hours from reception of the request and the old card number will no longer be valid.


All cardholders of the Boutique d’animaux Chico Privilege Card will be required to go online to register their Boutique d’animaux Chico Privilege Card to the new Chico Rewards Program.

As of April 15, 2021, Boutique d’animaux Chico Privilege Cards will allow points to be accumulated throughout the Chico Animal Store network. The old method of accumulating reward points per store will no longer be in effect as of April 15, 2021. However, the points / values that a member had previously accumulated will be securely saved and honored in each of the respective participating stores. Values can only be used / redeemed in the Boutique d’animaux Chico store where the points were accumulated.

Members with a balance of reward points will be able to redeem them at the Boutique d’animaux Chico store where the points were accumulated. The member will have until December 31, 2022 at the latest to redeem their points. All unused points will expire at 8:00 a.m. on January 1, 2023.

All Boutique d’animaux Chico Privilege Cards must be registered to the Chico Rewards Program online to permit the card holders to use the Chico Rewards Points as a form of payment at any Boutique d’animaux Chico location.


Only the registered Chico Rewards Cards’ of members can redeem Reward Points  as a form of payment  for purchases made exclusively at any Boutique d’animaux Chico location. A minimum value of 1000 Reward Points, equivalent to 10$ is required to be used upon every redemption at any Boutique d’animaux Chico location by any Chico Rewards member.

In accordance with the following points exchange chart, points may be redeemed for savings on in-store purchases only.

Points Required Reward Value

1000 pts = $10
1500 pts = $15
2000 pts = $20

The number of points required to obtain the desired reward exchange value will be subtracted from the Member’s account balance. Unredeemed points will remain in the Member’s account and can be applied upon any subsequent transaction.


Product returns are handled according to Boutique d’animaux Chico’s Conditions of Sale. All returns can only be processed at the same location the item was purchased. Upon the return of a product, Boutique d’animaux Chico will subtract the points earned upon purchased for the returned product, or any promotion involving said product, from a Member’s account. All point totals shown on transaction receipts will be deemed correct unless there is proof to the contrary. Boutique d’animaux Chico reserves the right to set limits on the exchange of points, or to impose a temporary ban on said exchange.


All Chico Reward Points that have not been used for 730 consecutive days from their last transaction will be terminated and all benefits of the program will be expired.

Boutique d’animaux Chico reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to request identification or proof of admissibility, including but not limited to a government-issued photo ID, for the purposes of verifying a Member’s Program eligibility and ensuring compliance with the Program’s Terms and Conditions. Failure to provide such identification to Boutique d’animaux Chico’s satisfaction may result in Card Termination.

The Chico Rewards Program is the property of Boutique d’animaux Chico, which can at any time refuse to issue a Card to a customer who fails to comply with the established terms and conditions. In addition, in cases of reasonable doubt, Boutique d’animaux Chico may forfeit accumulated points and rewards, as well as withdraw or cancel the Card of any member who has submitted false information, abused his or her privileges/transactions or has refused to comply with the Terms and Conditions governing the Program.

Upon the death of a member, his or her account will be closed and all accumulated points will be forfeited. Points are indivisible, namely in the case of divorce.

If a member wishes to terminate or cancel his or her participation in the Program, he or she will be required to contact boutique d’animaux Chico through the members contact us form found online. In order for the cancellation to be processed, Members must include their contact information (name, email, and telephone number) and Card number. Please note that this email address is solely reserved for the termination of the Membership Program mentioned herein; and not for the cancellation of any other online program found on the Boutique d’animaux Chico website. The Program account will be closed 30 days following receipt of the request, and the Card associated to the said account will no longer be valid.


The submission of false personal information will result in the forfeiture of all accumulated points related to the respective account. Boutique d’animaux Chico reserves the right to refuse issuance of points or card to any customer who does not comply with established enrolment procedures and herein set Terms and Conditions.

Any unauthorized reproduction of the Card may lead to legal prosecution and forfeiture of all accumulated points and membership in the Program. Boutique d’animaux Chico reserves the right to limit the number of points awarded or used through promotional offers, events or at location without any prior notification and or consent.


Card holders can register their Chico Gift & Rewards Card online at to protect the balance on the card. The Chico Gift & Rewards account balances are only protected from the point in time the Members notify the support team online of their lost, stolen or damaged card and the identification, verification of their profile has been established.


Card holders could obtain the balance of their Chico Gift & Rewards Card by visiting any Boutique d’animaux Chico location, and or online through the members login web page found at Any time a card holder conducts any Chico Gift & Rewards Card transaction, the card holder will be provided with a receipt (proof of transaction) clearly identifying the card’s new balance. Card holders should validate every receipt and safe keep all receipts for future reference if required.


Boutique d’animaux Chico and the Boutique d’animaux Chico locations shall have no liability for any questionable transaction as transactional errors need to be identified and resolved at time of occurrence with the management of the participating store. Any questionable transaction error needs to be communicated to the respective management of each Boutique d’animaux Chico location by the cardholder. Boutique d’animaux Chico reserves the right not to accept, load or re-issue The Chico Rewards card if the Boutique d’animaux Chico reasonably believes that the use is unauthorized or fraudulent. In the event the store’s internet communication fails, the rewards transaction will fail and the member will not earn any rewards. In the event of such situation and at the discretion of each location, the manager may capture the transaction to make a manual request to add the rewards transaction to the member’s account on a later date. This service is offered to members only and it will take a minimum of 48-72 working hours to establish. A confirmation email will be sent to the member to confirm the rewards transaction.


Boutique d’animaux Chico guarantees the confidentiality and security of all personal information provided by the member, in compliance with Boutique d’animaux Chico’s Privacy Policy available online through the Chico Rewards Member login web page. Boutique d’animaux Chico reserves the right to use any secured and reliable third party to send out communications/notifications by emails and or text messages to members regarding the Chico Gift and Rewards Card Programs.


Boutique d’animaux Chico reserve the right, at its sole discretion, to restrict, interrupt, suspend, terminate The Chico Rewards Card program, to alter, limit, modify or add to The Chico Rewards Card program rules, regulations, terms and conditions without prior notice at any time and from time to time. As permitted by applicable law, any amendment will become effective at the time the amended agreement is posted online through


The Chico Reward Points cannot be exchanged for money. Points have no value outside the Program and cannot be transferred, sold, attributed, exchanged, or offered as a gift.

Except where required by law or provided for in the program rules, Chico Rewards Points have no cash value. In certain jurisdictions, where required by law, 750 Chico Rewards Points would be deemed to have a cash value not exceeding one twentieth of one cent in Canadian funds.


This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of Québec and the applicable laws of Canada therein.


This agreement is the complete and exclusive statement of agreement between card holder and Boutique d’animaux Chico, the Boutique d’animaux Chico locations, and exceeds and joins all prior agreements.

Boutique d’animaux Chico has taken all the necessary measures to ensure the accuracy of the information contained herein. However, Boutique d’animaux Chico accepts no responsibility for any error or omission.


If the Chico Rewards card user and the Chico Rewards Member would like to contact us, please visit the web site and contact us through the members login page.