Privilege card

  1. The Chico Privilege card (hereinafter the “Program”) is available in all Boutique d’animaux chico store, with some restrictions. The use of your Card (hereinafter the “Card”) in Boutique d’animaux chico store is governed by the Terms and Conditions of the Program. By participating in the Program, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept all related Terms and Conditions, please refrain from participating in the Program.

Membership Enrolment

  1. Customers must become members in order to participate in the Program. Membership is free and no initial purchase is required. Members of the Program must be 18 years of age and must reside legally in Canada. Customers must first go to Boutique d’animaux chico store and to fill in full the registration form and so receive your Card Privilege Chico that the clerk(assistant) will put back(hand) you. Participants must provide information such as their, name, address, phone number and email address, and the kind of pets which you possess. In order to join the Program, participants must agree with its Terms and Conditions.
  2. The Card is not a credit card. It is the property of Boutique d’animaux Chico, and it may be revoked according to the conditions set forth in these Terms and Conditions.
  3. Program participants (sometimes referred to as “Members”) are issued a Card labelled with a unique number registered in their name.
  4. Members of the Program must indicate any changes to their personal information (as hereinafter defined), namely their name, address, telephone number and e-mail address, in the Chico Privilege card Rewards application form by appearing at the shop of Boutique d’animaux chico. Members are responsible for ensuring that all information provided is up to date. Boutique d’animaux Chico, may contact the Member in order to verify any information it believes may be incorrect. Boutique d’animaux Chico reserves the right to cancel any Card with incomplete or inaccurate personal information, as well as to withhold all points that have been accumulated on that Card through the Program. The submission of false personal information will result in the forfeiture of all accumulated points related to the concern account.
  5. Boutique d’animaux Chico reserves the right to refuse issuance of a Card to any customer who does not comply with established enrolment procedures.
  6. In order to collect points and earn rewards, Program Members must present their own valid Card in a Boutique d’animaux Chico store. Any unauthorized reproduction of the Card may lead to legal prosecution and forfeiture of all accumulated points and membership in the Program. However, Members may use mobile loyalty card management applications.
  7. Only natural persons may participate in the Program; namely corporations, joint ventures, groups and associations are excluded. Points will not be awarded if Boutique d’animaux Chico believes that purchased products will be used for resale, or for other commercial purposes; points accumulated through such purchases will be forfeited. Boutique d’animaux Chico reserves the right to limit the number of points awarded through promotional offers or events to prior reasonable domestic use. If a Member of the Program purchases product quantities exceeding prior reasonable domestic use, awarded points he or she accumulated through a promotional offer or event, the said points may be forfeited without prior notice.
  8. Members are responsible for immediately reporting a lost or stolen Card, or unauthorized access to their account on your Boutique d’animaux Chico store where from he obtained his card. They must do so by contacting. Members must provide their Card number (if known), as well as their contact information (name, address and telephone number) to obtain a new sard. Accumulated points will be transferred to the new card once it is issued, and the previous card will be cancelled. Boutique d’animaux Chico is not liable for any account transactions that occur between a card’s loss or theft, or unauthorized account access, and when said loss, theft or unauthorized access is reported to Boutique d’animaux Chico.
  9. Boutique d’animaux Chico reserves the right, in its sole and absolute discretion, to request identification or proof of admissibility, including but not limited to a government-issued photo ID, for the purposes of verifying a Member’s Program eligibility and ensuring compliance with the Program’s Terms and Conditions. Failure to provide such identification to Boutique d’animaux Chico’s satisfaction may result in Card cancellation.
  10. The Program is the property of Boutique d’animaux Chico “(Chico)”, which can at any time refuse to issue a Card to a customer who fails to comply with established registration procedures. In addition, in cases of reasonable doubt, Boutique d’animaux Chico may forfeit accumulated points and rewards, as well as withdraw or cancel the Card of any Member who has submitted false information, abused of his or her privileges or has refused to comply with the Terms and Conditions governing the Program.

Points Accumulation

  1. Following enrolment, Members may accumulate points by presenting their valid Card, when purchasing products at Boutique d’animaux Chico stores. Members must present their Card to the store cashier before the end of the transaction. In addition, no points will be awarded once the transaction is completed. The computer system designed specifically for the Program does not award points for previous purchases that were made without presentation of the Card.
  2. Points will be awarded at the rate of one point per dollar spent on admissible purchases made in-store. Points are calculated on the total net amount (purchase price minus discounts), before taxes and transportation fees, shown on the transaction receipt. The total number of points awarded and registered for the transaction receipt will be rounded down to the nearest dollar of the purchase amount. During special promotional offers, Boutique d’animaux Chico may offer additional points with the purchase of certain products (“Bonus Points”). Once awarded, the Bonus Points are added to the Member’s current points balance.
  3. No points are given for the purchase of the following products and services: gift cards and prepaid cards, sponsorships and donations. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, points will be issued to gift card holders if the card is being used to pay for their purchases.
  4. In the event that points are inadvertently awarded, Boutique d’animaux Chico reserves the right to revoke them at any time, without prior notice. Boutique d’animaux Chico also reserves the right to add or exclude eligible items from the Program, at its sole discretion, without prior notice.
  5. Upon presentation of the Card before the end of a transaction, all available points appear on the receipt of said transaction. In the event that points do not appear on the receipt due to technical difficulties, they will be updated on the following purchase receipt. Members of the Program may also inquire about their points balance on your Boutique d’animaux Chico store.
  6. Product returns are handled according to Boutique d’animaux Chico’s Conditions of Sale. Upon the return of a product, Boutique d’animaux Chico will subtract the points earned upon purchased for the returned product, or any promotion involving said product, from a Member’s account.
  7. In the opinion of, and at the sole discretion of Boutique d’animaux Chico, all point totals shown on transaction receipts will be deemed correct unless there is proof to the contrary. Boutique d’animaux Chico reserves the right to set limits on the exchange of points, or to impose a temporary ban on said exchange.
  8. Points will be reset to zero upon cancellation of a Program membership.
  9. Upon the death of a Member, his or her account will be closed and all accumulated points will be forfeited. Points are indivisible, namely in the case of divorce.
  10. Points and rewards have no monetary value and cannot be exchanged for money. Points have no value outside the Program and cannot be transferred, sold, attributed, ceded, exchanged, bequeathed or offered as a gift. Only Members can accumulate points and exchange rewards upon presentation of their.
  11. Should a Member’s card not be used in any purchases over a period of 12 consecutive months, the membership will be deemed inactive and all previously-accumulated points will be forfeited. The Member’s points balance will therefore be reset to zero.

Points Exchange

  1. In accordance with the following points exchange chart, points may be redeemed for savings rewards on in-store purchases only.
Points Required Reward Value
250 pts $5
300 pts $6
500 pts $10
750 pts $15
1000 pts $20
  1. The number of points required to obtain the desired reward exchange value will be subtracted from the Member’s account balance. Unredeemed points, as well as points accumulated during the pending transaction, will remain in the Member’s account and can be applied to a subsequent transaction.
  2. Points can only be redeemed if the number of points required to obtain the desired reward exchange value are reached prior to the pending transaction.
  3. From time to time, Boutique d’animaux Chico may offer additional or exclusive promotions to Program Members, allowing said Members to exchange points for items other than saving rewards, as well as enjoy several other advantages or discounts. Promotional offers may vary from store to store.


  1. Boutique d’animaux Chico guarantees the confidentiality and security of all personal member information, in compliance with Boutique d’animaux Chico’s Privacy Policy available at the following address:

Modification or cancelation to the program

  1. Boutique d’animaux Chico reserves the right to restrict, interrupt, or in any other way modify any aspect of the Program at any time, including without limitation, the eligibility terms, the manner in which the points are obtained, the method for calculating the rate at which the points are obtained, the manner in which the points are exchanged and the method for calculating the points exchange rate. Members will be advised at least 30 days prior to any restriction, interruption or change made to the Program via the Boutique d’animaux Chico website and/or in-store, via a notice, e-mail or mail specifying the new or modified provision, accompanied by its former formulation, as well as the date the change shall be effective. Members may refuse this modification and terminate their participation in the Program without charge, penalty or termination indemnity. Members must advise Boutique d’animaux Chico to this effect within 30 days of the effective date of the modification, if said modification requires an increase in the members obligation or the reduction in Boutique d’animaux Chico’s obligations. A Member’s continuing participation in the Program after such a notice is given constitutes their expressed consent.
  2. Boutique d’animaux Chico reserves the right to terminate the Program at any time, at its discretion, without being attributed any responsibilities or obligations. Members will be advised at least 60 days in advance, online and in-store, by way of a notice sent on boutique d’animaux Chico website.
  3. If a Member wishes to terminate or cancel his or her participation in the Program, he or she has to appear at the Boutique d’animaux Chico store where from his card was emitted. In order for the cancellation to be processed, Members must include their contact information (name, address and telephone number) and Card number. Please note that this email address is solely reserved for the termination of the Membership Program mentioned herein; and not for the cancellation of any other online membership found on the Boutique d’animaux Chico website (e.g.: the Boutique d’animaux Chico Club for our newsletter). The Program account will be closed 30 days following receipt of the request, and the Card associated to the said account will no longer be valid.

General Terms

  1. By enrolling in the Program, Members agree to receive information concerning their participation in the said Program.
  2. Any decisions made by Boutique d’animaux Chico concerning the Program are final and bind all members without the right of recourse.
  3. Boutique d’animaux Chico reserves the right to suspend the Program at any time, without prior notice, in the event of an error, omission, technical issue, computer virus, bug, falsification, unauthorized intervention, or any other cause outside Boutique d’animaux Chico’s reasonable control, which interferes with the proper functioning of the Program.
  4. Boutique d’animaux Chico has taken all the necessary measures to ensure the accuracy of the information contained herein. However, Boutique d’animaux Chico accepts no responsibility for any error or omission.
  5. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of the province of Quebec and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein.