About Chico Pet Shops

After 36 years of existence, Chico has succeeded in expanding to form a chain of more than 50 stores, while still retaining the friendly, family atmosphere of a neighbourhood pet store, the principal value of the company. Chico pet store form the largest chain of complete pet stores in Quebec. They offer pet owners a full range of food, accessories, toys and services to take care of your dog, cat, bird, fish, reptile or rodent. You can count on Chico to stock the most reputable brands at very competitive prices!
Chico Boutique d'animaux

A bit of history


The adventure began! Pierre Charbonneau and Michel Joly opened their first pet store on Taschereau Boulevard in Brossard.


Pierre Charbonneau opened his first store in Montreal, on Ontario Street.


Michel Joly opened another Chico store on Wellington Street in Verdun. The two stores were highly successful for several years!


Until then a part-time employee, Mr. José Forest formed a partnership with Pierre Charbonneau; he became a franchisee of the company, inaugurating the Chico store on Masson Street in Montreal.

Your neighborhood shop for 36 years already!

''In high density areas, people want to patronize a pet store close to home, receive personalized service, and learn and obtain advice from skilled employees who over time get to know the local customers. This is a more user-friendly shopping experience than the big chains, and with competitive prices.''

José Forest, co-owner

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Opening date of our shops from oldest to newest:

1985 to 2008

2009 to 2016

2017 to 2018