Tuna bisque canned food for kitten to adult cat (156 g)

Offer your adult cat a delicious tuna bisque that will satisfy their taste buds. This premium-quality canned food is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of felines, whether they are still young or already adults. The tuna bisque is prepared with fresh and natural ingredients, without the addition of artificial preservatives. Its velvety texture and exquisite taste make it a true treat for your feline companion. With its balanced content of proteins and essential nutrients, this tuna bisque promotes healthy digestion and contributes to maintaining a shiny coat. Give your cat an unforgettable culinary experience with this irresistible canned food.
To feed your kitten or adult cat with the tuna bisque, simply open the can and pour a portion into their bowl. You can serve the bisque alone or mix it with their regular food to add a touch of flavor and texture. Make sure your cat always has fresh water available. For optimal preservation, once opened, refrigerate the can and consume it within the following two days.
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Additional information