Privacy policy

Boutique d’animaux Chico (« Chico ») ») respects the privacy of all users of the Boutique d’animaux Chico web site and any other web site operated by Boutique d’animaux Chico (hereinafter the « Web site ») and the members of the Privilege card Chico program (a « User »), and agrees to protect it according to the present Privacy Policy. Users can be legal persons, companies, businesses, or natural persons.

Each user is deemed to have read and understood the validity of the Privacy Policy. If a user does not accept the terms of the Privacy Policy, he or she must cease to use it. Boutique d’animaux Chico can, at any time and without prior notice, modify the Privacy Policy. Users are asked to regularly check if the Privacy Policy has been modified. Users are deemed to have accepted the modifications to the Privacy Policy if they continue to use the Web site or the Privilege card Chico Rewards Program after the modifications have been published.

This Policy Privacy explains how boutique d’animaux Chico treats the information received relating to its Users’ activity on the Web site related to the Privilege card Chico Rewards Program.

Types of information received

Boutique d’animaux Chico collects two types of information on Users: personal information and non-personal information.

This information is collected notably when the User:

  • participates in a contest or promotion;
  • subscribes to the Privilege card Chico Rewards Program;
  • requests information on Boutique d’animaux Chico products and services;
  • sends Boutique d’animaux Chico questions or comments ;
  • completes a job application;
  • navigates the Web site;
  • purchases products and services.

Collecting personal information on the Web site

Boutique d’animaux Chico may collect personal information on Users when doing so relates to the use of the Web site.

‘‘Personal information’’ is information which identifies physical persons, such as their name, contact information, address, email, telephone number, bill number, financial information, etc. Boutique d’animaux Chico collects personal information when Users agree to provide it upon subscribing with Boutique d’animaux Chico, notably when they decide to subscribe to a newsletter, become a member of the Privilege card Chico Rewards Program, when purchasing products or services, or when submitting a request via the Web site. Boutique d’animaux Chico may also receive personal information on its commercial partners or other third parties, on the condition that these third parties confirm that the User authorized them to share this information.

Privilege card Chico Rewards Program

The purpose of the Privilege card Chico Rewards Program is to reward Users and help Boutique d’animaux Chico better respond to their needs. To this end, Boutique d’animaux Chico collects certain personal information and opens a file for the User, notably when they subscribe to the Program, proceed to purchase products and services in-store, benefit from offers or rewards and communicate with Boutique d’animaux Chico.

This information is collected and used for the following purposes:

  • to offer rewards, product and service offers and targeted benefits related to the Privilege card Chico Rewards Program;
  • to organize promotional activities and communicate with winning persons for matters related to the contest;
  • in order to conceive, improve or market Chico products or services (which may include marketing studies and surveys);
  • in order to verify the identity of users and ensure their protection, as well as that of Chico, against fraud and false declarations.

Using personal information

Boutique d’animaux Chico treats the personal information of all persons it interacts with seriously. Chico strictly limits the collecting of personal information to that required for conducting business.

Only the person authorized by Boutique d’animaux Chico has access to personal information. These employees are informed by Chico of their obligation to keep this personal information confidential.

Boutique d’animaux Chico can use the personal information collected on the Web site or within the Privilege card Chico Rewards Program, for the following purposes:

  • providing products and services or information requested by the Users, to communicate with them in order to respond to a question, for internal quality assurance or to maintain the quality of the information provided by way of the Web site ;
  • to inform Users about news, updates, information or special offers regarding Chico products and services, but the sending of these electronic messages is done in compliance with so-called anti-spam laws and the User can, at any time, ask Boutique d’animaux Chico to remove their address from Boutique d’animaux Chico’s electronic message sending list;
  • Boutique d’animaux Chico can also use the personal information if it has reasonable cause to believe it can be used for an inquest regarding the violation of a federal, provincial or foreign law, or to ensure the protection or defense of a legal interest.

Saving personal information

Boutique d’animaux Chico saves the personal information it collects as long as it is deemed necessary for conducting business.

Upon a User’s request, Boutique d’animaux Chico may erase any personal information regarding the Privilege card Chico Rewards Program once a User’s membership in the Privilege card Chico Rewards Program has been terminated. For this, the User must contact Boutique d’animaux Chico’s customer service via email.

Communicating personal information

Boutique d’animaux Chico agrees not to render public, sell, rent or share personal information to any party.

Boutique d’animaux Chico will only communicate personal information to a third party in the following circumstances:

  • the User expressly authorizes Boutique d’animaux Chico to communicate the information provided for a specific purpose;
  • the third parties in question act on behalf of Boutique d’animaux Chico as agents or suppliers of goods or services, and the information is communicated directly to them in order to improve the services rendered by. Boutique d’animaux Chico These third parties respect the strict contractual provisions which require them to maintain the confidentiality of all information and to use them only for purposes related to the providing of Chico products or services;
  • in compliance with the provisions that apply to a Boutique d’animaux Chico service or to the sale of products, to facilitate the rendering of the service in question or the sale of products, namely for the purpose of satisfying legal obligations;
  • if Boutique d’animaux Chico is engaged to provide personal information in response to a properly authorized judicial order, to subpoena documents, to an inquest by authorities, or when such is otherwise required by law. Boutique d’animaux Chico also reserves the right to inform authorities of the law of any activity Boutique d’animaux Chico truthfully believes to be illegal. Boutique d’animaux Chico may communicate certain personal information when it deems such communication to be reasonably necessary to protect the rights, the goods or the security of a third party as well as that of Boutique d’animaux Chico or to ensure the User’s obligations to Boutique d’animaux Chico are upheld.

Security of personal information

Boutique d’animaux Chico takes the security and protection of personal information seriously. Boutique d’animaux Chico takes the technical, contractual and administrative measures and necessary materials for protecting personal information the User provides. While it is impossible to guarantee full protection and that Boutique d’animaux Chico cannot be held responsible in the event of theft, illegal use or unauthorized divulging, loss, alteration or destruction of the personal information by a third party, Boutique d’animaux Chico has adopted rigorous methods with strict security standards to ensure the protection of personal information.

Employees of Boutique d’animaux Chico who have access to this information may only use it in compliance with the principles set out in this Privacy Policy as well as in the applicable laws and regulations.

Access to personal information and modifications

The User may access their personal information for the purposes of consulting, updating or modifying it by communicating with your Boutique d’animaux Chico store from its privilege card Chico was emitted.


Boutique d’animaux Chico takes the necessary precautions to comply with applicable laws concerning privacy of minors. The content of the Web site is aimed at a general audience and not minors. Boutique d’animaux Chico will therefore not seek to collect personal information from minors without the verified consent of the parental authority or otherwise according to what the law permits. If at any time you believe Boutique d’animaux Chico is doing so, please let us know.

Collecting personal information

Regarding the use of its Web site, Boutique d’animaux Chico may collect the personal information of its Users.

“Non-personal information’’ is information such as Internet domain (for example, “”) and the Internet Protocol address (IP address) used to access the Web site, the date and time of visit, the pages visited, the type and version of web browser or the operating system used by a User as well as the web site the User just accessed and which they will access. General information, such as demographic statistics about the Users, number of visits and average time spent using the Web site are also considered non-personal information.

Boutique d’animaux Chico collects and obtains non-personal information regarding the use of its Web site. For example, when a User chooses to visit the Web site, the servers may automatically collect non-personal information provided via a web browser or stored in a cookie, or in another digital format.

Using non-personal information

Boutique d’animaux Chico uses non-personal information for following up on a visit to the Web site and for improving use, performing statistical analyses on the overall characteristics and habits of Users, measuring the demographic variables and interests of Users relating to specific products and services, describing these products or services to a third party and potential business partners, and determining how and where the application of Boutique d’animaux Chico resources can be used most effectively. No personal information is divulged regarding these activities.

This non-personal information is necessary in order for Boutique d’animaux Chico to collect the personal information required for counting the number of visitors, most visited pages, technology used by the customers of the Web site, sourcing sites and Users’ home countries.

Cookies are fragments of information sent through the User’s computer when they consult a web site. They are recorded, temporarily or permanently, on hard drives, therefore leaving a record of the visit. This information can include such things as the date and time of the User’s last visit. Cookies can also improve the online experience by recording browser preferences for a particular web site.

Cookies folders saved on the hard drive are inoffensive and can be read and deleted at any time. As such, the User has total control. This information regards the total number of visitors to a Web site as well as the duration of these visits. When the User consults a Web site, a cookie is created and saved on their computer, which allows Boutique d’animaux Chico to “recognize’’ a User each time they consult the Web site.

A number of important sites use cookies. Most browsers are programmed at the start to accept them. If the User prefers, they can modify the settings of the browser so that they can be informed the moment a cookie is received or they refuse to receive them. While the User is not obliged to accept these cookies, a number of functionalities of the Web site may not work properly if the browser is set to refuse them.

Hyperlinks to Third Party Sites

The Web site may contain hyperlinks leading to Third Party Sites (‘‘Third Party Sites”) which will force the user to leave the Web site. Boutique d’animaux Chico provides these hyperlinks for convenience purposes. Third Party Sites are not under the control of Boutique d’animaux Chico and thus have no control on the practices regarding the privacy and confidentiality of Third Party Sites. As a result, all confidential or personal information transmitted via a Third Party Site is subject to the privacy policy of these Third Party Sites. It is the responsibility of the User to be informed in order to ensure the protection of information concerning them.

Questions, comments or suggestions

For any questions, comments or suggestions about the present Privacy Policy or on the Boutique d’animaux Chico’s privacy practices which have not been addressed in the present Privacy Policy, you can communicate with Boutique d’animaux Chico at the following address:

Privacy Officer

Ariane Levert – Privacy Officer
Les Franchises Chico inc.
[email protected]