Bug Bites, Food made from insect larvae for Fish


Most freshwater fish are omnivorous and regularly feed on insects in their natural habitat. However, not all insects contain the same nutritional value for fish food. That’s why Bug Bites foods are made from sustainably raised black soldier fly larvae, which is the 1st ingredient in all formulations. Being nourished by fruits and vegetables, they constitute a most exceptional superfood.


  • Rich in quality proteins
  • Excellent amino acid composition
  • Abundant in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids
  • Easy to digest for less waste
  • Very tasty: taste that fish naturally love and which pleases even the most picky mouths
Additional information

Additional information

Brand Hagen
Saveur Algae-based chips, For Bettas, For Color Enhancement, For Goldfish, For Tropical Fish, With Spirulina
Format 100g, 18g, 45g, 90g