Salmon bisque canned food for kitten to adult cat (374 g)

Offer your kitten or adult cat a delicious and nourishing culinary experience with our salmon bisque canned food. Made with premium-quality ingredients, this bisque is specially formulated to satisfy the discerning taste buds of our feline friends. The delicate flavor of salmon is paired with a smooth and creamy texture, providing an irresistible gustatory experience for your cat. In addition to being delicious, this bisque is also nutritious, providing your pet with all the essential nutrients they need to stay healthy. The 374 g can is convenient to serve and can be used as a complete meal or as a food supplement to vary your cat’s meals. Give them the best with our salmon bisque for kitten to adult cat.
To serve this delicious salmon bisque to your kitten or adult cat, follow these simple instructions:
  1. Carefully open the can of salmon bisque using a can opener.
  2. Pour the bisque into a clean and shallow bowl.
  3. Place the bowl in front of your cat and ensure they have access to fresh water at all times.
  4. Depending on your cat's needs and size, serve one or multiple portions per day following appropriate feeding recommendations.
  5. After opening, refrigerate the remaining bisque and use it within 2 days to maintain its freshness and quality.
Give your cat an exceptional culinary experience with our high-quality salmon bisque. Your kitten or adult cat will thank you for this delicious feast!
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Additional information