How to Get Your Pet Ready for Spring

Warmer days are just around the corner! Which means even more time walking and playing outside with your four-legged friend. The sunny skies, fragrant flowers and sound of birds chanting might even be enough to tempt your cat into the great outdoors. That said, better weather also brings seasonal problems for our pets, like parasites and allergies. As a pet owner, you need to make sure your beloved companion is spring-ready so they can enjoy the season safely. Pocket pets (rodents), fish and reptiles are no exception! We’ve written this handy guide so you and your pet can jump feet (/paw)-first into spring! 

Tackle Ticks and Fleas

March is National Tick Awareness Month, first launched by the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association. As soon as March arrives, ticks and fleas go on the prowl! And when it comes to these pests, prevention is key. Ticks and fleas can carry dangerous parasites, so pet owners must be vigilant. Rising temperatures have led to significant increases in the number and activity of ticks in North America, spreading Lyme disease to Canada. While it’s a good idea to give your pets preventive medication year-round, it’s very important to use tick and flea control products, like flea shampoo or pills, when the days get warmer. Pet owners who want to be fully equipped against risk can also use other products like tick and flea drops or flea collars. If the damage has already been done, check out our tick rescue kit. It includes 11 essential items to help you safely and easily remove ticks and prevent diseases.

Watch Out for Worms

In addition to ticks and fleas, pet owners should also be on the lookout for worms. Tapeworms, roundworms and hookworms can pose a problem in the warmer months. Dirofilaria immitis, or heartworm, is spread via mosquito bites and is one of the biggest threats to your pet’s health. The best approach is to be proactive and make sure your cat or dog has been worm protected for the season. Insects and tick repellent for dogs and horses are a great option for the spring and summer periods. It uses natural essential oils with a scent of citrus and coniferous trees that ward off a wide range of insects.

Be Aware of Allergies

As flowers, trees and grass come into bloom, pets can suffer from seasonal allergies just like humans. Be on the look out for classic signs of allergies like excessive scratching/licking or shedding. It’s important to see your vet as soon as you notice any of these symptoms. 

Keep Vaccines Up to Date

During the warmer months, your pets might be around other animals that may or may not have all their shots. So before spending more time at the dog park or playing with other neighbourhood pets, make sure that your animals have their vaccines up to date and are fully protected against infectious diseases.


As the weather warms up, be prepared for lots of shedding. Our furry friends will shed their winter coats in favour of lighter, sleeker ones. The moulting period can last 3 to 4 weeks and could cause your pets a lot of irritation. For pet owners, that means dealing with a lot of hair in their house! Regular baths and brushing will help keep your home clean and your pet happy. You can also check out our grooming services that we tailor to your pet’s specific needs. 

Spending time outdoors together in gorgeous weathers is fun for both pets and owners alike. With just a little preparation, you can fully enjoy this time of year, stress-free. On behalf of the whole Chico team, we hope you have a happy spring!