Mosquito repellent



The insect and tick repellent for dogs and horses is ideal during the summer period, as it gives off a scent of natural essential oils of citrus and coniferous trees which is effective against a wide variety of insects.

The Citrobug Insect Repellent can also be used to clean your pets’ ears and can be used on sensitive skin without any problems. It is 100% natural, safe and non-toxic. It does not contain DEET, no synthetic molecules and is biodegradable. It is best to use Citrolug Shampoo together, at the start of the season, to improve the synergy of essential oils.



Mineral oil, sunflower oil, citronella oil, eucalyptus oil, geranium oil, pine oil, lemon oil and camphor oil.

How to use
Apply to all parts of the animal's body, avoiding the eyes and the mouth. Spray about 14 inches from the animal and apply inside the ear using a tissue to wash them off. Use as needed.
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.13 kg
Dimensions 16 × 4 × 4 cm
Format 1 liter, 122 ml, 3.86 liters
Brand Citrobug