Safety tips for car rides with pets

Are you planning to hit the road with your dog or cat in tow? No matter how long your journey will be, it’s crucial that you make sure your four-legged friend stays comfortable and, most importantly, safe from harm until you reach your destination. Accidents happen quickly, so the team at Chico would like to share a few tips to help you ensure safe travels when your pet is a passenger.

Don’t let your pet roam free inside the car

A pet that isn’t secured could easily decide that it’s time to cuddle and climb on you, which might hinder your ability to stay in control of your car. And if your cat or dog is small enough to fit under your brake pedal, you could end up with no other choice than to step on, and potentially injure, it in order to avoid a collision. Finally, keep in mind that should you need to suddenly hit the brakes, a wandering pet might turn into a high-speed projectile and seriously injure itself from the impact.

Protect your pet by securing it inside your vehicle

Countless accessories are available on the market today to help ensure safe travels with pets of all kinds. In addition to leashes and harnesses specifically designed for use in the car, options for a safe and stress-free trip include a variety of nets and safety barriers. You could also secure your pet by keeping it in a cage that’s secured to a car seat or placed directly on the floor of the vehicle. For advice on making car travel safer for your specific feline or canine companion, visit your local Chico pet store.

Keep paws and snouts inside the car

Did you know that letting your dog stick its head out the window of a moving vehicle is actually quite dangerous? It’s a little-known fact that this common habit can indeed leave your pooch vulnerable to impact with debris and insects, which could injure its eyes, ears and mouth.

Treat your pet to a pleasant ride with these 4 tips

A pet that’s tired, thirsty or just plain bored can turn a long car ride into a never-ending nightmare. To avoid the loud complaints of an unhappy cat or dog:

  1. Feed your pet a few hours before you leave to prevent car sickness
  2. Bring your pet’s blanket and/or favourite toys
  3. Let your pet stretch its legs for at least five minutes every hour
  4. Make sure an ample supply of fresh water is available at all times

At your local Chico pet store, you’ll find everything you need to feed, pamper, entertain and protect your four-legged friend, both at home and on the road. Stop by for a visit!