Expert tips for grooming your pet at home

If you own a cat or dog, it’s important to take the necessary steps to keep them looking and feeling their best. The Chico team has prepared a few tips on how to groom your pet at home using high-quality products and accessories.

Brushing your pet

Regularly brushing your pet helps keep their fur in good condition and prevents tangles and matting. In fact, matted fur can quickly progress from mild skin irritation to infected wounds. In some cases, only a professional can remove stubborn knots without harming your pet.

To effectively detangle your pet’s fur, you should invest in a brush that’s suitable for their specific type of coat. At Chico, we can help you make the right choice. If necessary, we may also recommend a spray-on detangling product.

Trimming your pet’s nails

All you need is a little patience and a good pair of trimmers to keep your pet’s nails healthy and strong. However, be careful not to trim their nails too short as this could be painful. It’s a good idea to give your pet treats and offer praise to encourage good behaviour and make the procedure more enjoyable.

Bathing your pet

When bathing your dog, make sure you use a shampoo and conditioner that’s suitable for their breed. Some formulas may be too heavily scented or have an inappropriate pH that could irritate your pet’s skin. If you have a cat that doesn’t like getting wet, opt for a dry or no-rinse shampoo.

You can usually get away with bathing your pet once a month or once every two months. However, this could vary depending on various factors, such as how often your pet plays outside.

Trimming your pet’s coat

If you want to trim certain areas of your pet’s coat, make sure you have a pair of sharp clippers and that you’re good with your hands. Otherwise, you could injure your pet or give them a strange new do.

Cleaning your pet’s eyes and ears

After bathing your pet, make sure to dry their eyes and ears thoroughly with a cotton ball or soft cloth. Cotton swabs are not recommended as they can cause trauma to the inner ear.

Brushing your pet’s teeth

It’s important to use the right products to remove plaque and tartar-causing debris. In fact, failing to care for your four-legged friend’s teeth can contribute to the development of bad breath, cavities, painful abscesses, gum disease and other serious problems that could affect their vital organs.

It’s best to use a combination of products, such as toothpaste, toothbrushes and rinses to maintain your pet’s oral health. In addition, you should have your pet’s teeth periodically examined and scaled by a veterinarian.

High-quality grooming services at Chico

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many dog and cat owners to learn how to groom their pets at home with whatever they had on hand. However, you simply can’t beat the quality of a professional groom.

At Chico, our team has everything it takes to pamper your pet. We have the knowledge, tools and products to make sure your cat or dog is clean and beautiful. We can also examine your pet and recommend you consult a veterinarian if we detect any abnormalities, such as skin issues.

We offer bathing, nail trimming, eye and ear cleaning, detangling and brushing, shaving, drying, grooming and styling services. We provide every pet with a personalized experience that’s tailored to their needs. Make an appointment today at a store near you.

If you prefer to continue grooming your pet at home, you can stock up on top quality grooming products at your nearest Chico.