Chico and the Asista Foundation: a Natural Partnership

We are proud to provide an annual support to the Asista Foundation, who specially trains service dogs from shelters and rescues, and provides them free of charge to Canadians with certain conditions like autism spectrum disorder, post-traumatic stress, depression and severe anxiety. We are stronger together! 

The Canada-made cat and dog food brand Nutrience is also joining us in a fundraiser for the Asista Foundation. For every bag of Nutrience food sold in our stores in April 2022, $5 will be donated to the foundation for up to $5,000. 

Why Asista?

We have always strongly believed in the therapeutic bond between humans and animals, so it was only natural for us to support this foundation. Asista’s mission is to help children and adults cope with mental health conditions through the use of service dogs.
We are also committed to this mission. 

Highlighting World Autism Month 

For all of April, Chico and Asista are joining in the collective effort to shine the spotlight on autism in all its diversity. The Asista Foundation has a service dog program for autism. These dogs offer safety, companionship and considerable relief for children and adults with autism spectrum disorder in high-stress situations. A service dog can help people participate in social activities by reducing the anxiety that can accompany these events. 

How can I support the foundation?

Service dogs cost an average of $35,000. We welcome any and all donations to that we can keep providing these dogs free of charge to the people that need them. You can donate online by clicking here. You can also become a foster family. Foster families are key to the foundation. They host a service dog in training at their home for a period of around six or more months. After the foster period, the dog will begin specialized training. Then they’ll go to the new household of the family that needs them.

Drop by your local Chico store to learn more about this great partnership!