Adopting a pet: an excellent way to fight loneliness

In Quebec, more than 15% of all people live on their own. Given this, many individuals may find themselves alone for days at a time with no company at all. However, people need contact. When the COVID-19 pandemic started in 2020, the number of animal adoptions exploded. Unsurprisingly, new pet owners were looking to ease their loneliness during confinement. Thinking about adopting a pet for companionship? Read on to learn more.

A lasting friendship

Have you fallen in love at first sight with a ferret, rabbit, parrot or other animal? It could be the beginning of a long friendship. Indeed, the importance of a friendly relationship with an animal shouldn’t be underestimated. Studies have shown that an attachment to a dog, cat or other pet can be as strong (if not stronger) than one to another human. At Chico, many of our clients consider their pets to be full-fledged family members. If you live alone, you pet becomes your best friend and constant companion — an effective antidote to loneliness.

Welcome responsibility

It’s hard to feel lonely when an animal requires your attention and depends on you for their care. All the little things you do to ensure the well being of your little friend, such as feeding, brushing and walking it, can give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. For many people, these tasks allow them to live in the present moment and chase away their dark thoughts.

Beneficial interactions

There are lots of fun ways to spend time with your pet. For example, you can:

  • Teach your dog tricks
  • Train your parrot to say words
  • Play hide and seek with your cat
  • Enjoy a game of soccer with your rat

Additionally, dog owners are often approached by people on their daily walks. It’s a simple way to meet new people.

Some friendly advice: some species such as amphibians, reptiles and certain nocturnal creatures, are less social that others. Consequently, before adopting an animal for company, you should find out about the behaviour of the species and breed. This can help you avoid the surprise of adopting an animal that prefers to be alone when you’re looking for companionship.

For the health and well-being of your animal companion, stop by Chico, your neighbourhood pet store.