4 Tips for dealing with the passing of your pet

Have you recently lost a pet? At Chico, we know how devastating this can be. According to many psychologists, the sadness we feel at a pet’s passing is similar to the sorrow experienced when we lose a human friend or family member. This article gives you advice on how to cope with your grief when a pet passes away.

1. Don’t hold back your emotions

Whether or not it was expected, the passing of a pet generally comes as a shock. You must, first off, recognize that you have the right to be sad. Holding back your emotions won’t do you any good. Let yourself cry and even encourage the tears by watching videos or looking at photos of your pet. In other words, let it all out.

2. Surround yourself with sympathetic individuals

If you know people who’ve been through a similar experience, don’t hesitate to reach out to them. They’ll be able to empathize with you and provide you comfort. And you’re more than welcome to stop by a nearby Chico store to speak with our friendly and caring staff. We’ll be able to listen to you and offer you moral support. And, as we’re used to situations of this kind, we can offer you some helpful advice.

3. Take time to adjust to your pet’s absence

You don’t need to be in a rush to put away your animal’s bowls, litter box, blanket, toys and so on. Only do so when you’re ready. By the same token, don’t adopt a new pet right away to fill the void. This will only complicate the grieving process, or, at best, delay it. We recommend that you let yourself fully grieve before bringing a new pet into your life.

4. Honouring the memory of your pet

Paying tribute to your pet’s memory is a healthy and positive way to deal with your loss. There are a number of ways you can do this. Here are just a couple:

  • Put a memorial stone or other special marker in your garden in memory of your pet, and pray or meditate in front of it as often as you need to.
  • Put up a photo of your pet in your living room or get a painter to make a portrait of him or her.

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