Why do you need to brush your cat?

As any cat owner knows, cats spend several hours a day grooming themselves. Their rough, moist tongue is the perfect tool for removing dead hair and parasites. But this serviceable appendage can only do so much — that’s where you as a cat owner come in. In this article, the team at Chico explains why it’s important to brush your cat regularly.

To manage shedding season

Whether your cat has short or long hair, it’s going to lose an impressive quantity during its annual spring shedding. If you leave your cat to carry out all its grooming itself, it may swallow an excessive amount of hair — and, in turn, cough up many a hairball. In some cases, the concentrated bundles of hair can cause a bowel obstruction, necessitating a visit to the animal hospital. 

Brushing your cat regularly during shedding season is an important part of caring for your cat. Moreover, it will encourage the growth of new fur. 

To prevent matting

It happens sometimes that busy cat owners neglect to comb or brush their cat’s hair for several weeks. The result? The cat’s fur starts to become matted in places, and the animal is unable to undo the knots with its teeth and tongue. You’ll want to avoid being in the irksome situation of struggling to untangle your cat’s hair. Stay on top of brushing your cat’s fur as per the specific instructions for its species (Himalayans, for example, need to be brushed daily).  

To prevent skin problems

Hard and compact bunches of hair can obstruct a cat’s skin from breathing, which can result in a rash, infection or itchiness. If your cat’s fur is quite thick and dense, you need to be especially heedful of this potential problem. Brushing your cat regularly can spare your cat discomfort and preclude the need for medical interventions such as a shaving at the vet under general anaesthesia.  

Brushing your cats can only do them good when it comes to their health and well-being. Drop by your local Chico shop to pick up combs and brushes designed for your cat’s fur type. Has your cat’s fur become matted? Then make a grooming appointment: our caring staff will be able to gently untangle any knots.