What treats should I give my rodent?

Have you just adopted a rat, hamster, rabbit, mouse, gerbil, chinchilla or guinea pig? Then you’ll need to learn how to help your pet live a happy and healthy life. At Chico, we have everything you need to pamper your furry, four-legged companion, including superior-quality food and goodies. Here’s our comprehensive guide to giving your rodent treats.

What ingredients should I look for in rodent treats?

To avoid upsetting your pet’s delicate digestive system, opt for 100% natural treats (such as fruits, nuts or fresh vegetables) or quality store-bought treats (kibbles, biscuits, etc.). Ideally, choose organic products without added sugar, GMOs or artificial colouring.

Nutritious rodent treats that are easily digestible are at Chico pet shops. At all of our stores, you’ll find a selection of baked treats in a variety of flavours, including:

  • Strawberry and banana
  • Cranberry
  • Peppermint
  • Pepper
  • Carrot and dill
  • Hay
  • Barley

When is the right time to give my rodent treats?

Give your pet treats to encourage it to bond with you or reward it for good behaviour (for example, if your rabbit does its business in its litter box). However, treats should always be given sparingly. Your pet should associate receiving treats with spending an enjoyable moment in your company.

How many treats should I give my rodent?

There’s nothing wrong with giving your pet the occasional treat to reward its good behavior or vary its diet. However, be careful not to give it too much, as rodents can be pretty voracious when given access to a food they enjoy. In this same vein, you may want to avoid letting young children dispense the treats. They may be tempted to give your pet too many, causing it to become sick.

Count on Chico for tasty, nutritious treats

Do you need dry food or treats for your rodent? At Chico, we exclusively carry high-quality food brands, so you can’t go wrong. Our dedicated staff look forward to contributing to the well-being of your newest family member.