What should you consider before adopting a second animal?

Have you had a pet for a while and are starting to think about adding another animal to your family? If you’ve been thinking of a second dog or chat, for example, there are a few factors you should take into consideration before adopting. In this article, we at Chico let you know about just a few of the essential questions you should ask yourself. Happy reading!

Can I afford the food, accessories and other expenses of a second animal?
Remember that purchasing—or rather adopting—an animal is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to expenses. Have you calculated how much you’re currently spending each month on your pet? Once you have, multiply that by two! Similarly, have you thought of less frequent expenses like boarding costs when you go on vacation, grooming services, or trips to the vet?

Do I have enough time to dedicate to a second pet?
Playtime, grooming, walks outside . . . does your schedule allow you to give enough attention to two pets or just one? If you struggle to clean your cat’s litter box each day, or forget to let the dog out to go to the bathroom, imagine two animals with similar urgent needs!

Would my current pet welcome a new roommate?
Does your current pet have an anxious or unpredictable temperament? If he or she does, a new roommate might cause a lot of stress . . . and maybe even a strong reaction! If you are absolutely sure you want to adopt another animal, take the time to introduce your new friend to your current pet in stages—a kind of official introduction. That way your little lodgers will get used to one another gradually and hopefully develop a great bond.

Don’t abandon your pet!
You should only adopt a pet if you’ve given it a lot of thought first. Adoption should not be done on a whim. Remember that in Quebec, many animal owners abandon their pets shortly after adopting them. One of the most commonly given reasons for this is that the owners didn’t have enough time to give their new guest! Think it over before adopting!

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