Training your pet using treats: do’s and don’ts

Do you want to train your dog or cat to behave well and obey instructions? The simplest way to accomplish this is to take advantage of your pet’s passion for treats. In this article, the team at Chico outlines the do’s and don’ts of using pet treats as a training tool. 

Award treats judiciously

Generally high in calories, pet treats are similar to energy bars designed for athletes. They should be given to your pet only occasionally and with moderation. Otherwise, your animal could start to gain weight and develop health problems. The best policy is to give your pet treats only when they’ve earned them (for example, when they’ve obeyed an order) — and always sparingly. If your pet is overweight, you should altogether avoid giving them treats.

Don’t misuse treats

Treats should never be used as the main source of nutrition for your animal. If, for example, you’ve run out of pet food, the solution should never be to fill Fido’s bowl with treats or dog biscuits. In human terms, you might compare this with eating five energy bars for dinner.

Instead, it’s important to keep your home well stocked with pet food. If you’re unable to go out and buy food for your dog or cat, then take advantage of Chico’s home delivery service.

Don’t forget that treats are a reward. Giving out treats randomly sends a contradictory message to your pet while it’s being trained and it won’t learn how it needs to behave in order to earn one. In the same vein, you shouldn’t let an unsupervised young child give your pet treats; kids sometimes go overboard and dole out an unhealthy quantity.

Ensure the treats are safe

Be wary about giving your pet treats produced in a country with less strict regulations than Canada. Some of these treats present serious risks to your animals health, including salmonella poisoning,  food poisoning, tooth injuries and digestive problems. For the sake of your pet’s well-being, choose safe and healthy treats and purchase them from a trusted pet store.

At Chico, all the pet treats we carry are tasty, nutritious and of superior quality. Come visit us today to peruse our selection.