Tips for keeping your house clean during winter (despite mucky paws)

Having your dog or cat around makes your home all the more cosy during winter. Sometimes, however, instead of curling up on the rug your pet is sullying it with wet and dirty paws (the real culprit being, of course, the slush and snow outside). To help keep your carpets clean and your linens white this winter season, your neighbourhood pet shop, Chico, has some useful tips and tricks.

Routinely clean your pet’s paws: wipe down your pet’s paws as soon as your pet comes into the house. Use a moist cloth or a bowl with warm water to clean away snow and dirt, and afterwards use a dry cloth to dry the paws. By doing this you’ll not only avoid messes but also protect the pads on your pet’s paws, which are sensitive to cold temperatures and to road salt. While you’re at it, make sure to wipe your pet’s belly: small dogs especially often end up with patches of dirt and snow in this area after walks.

Brush your pet: to prevent hair from getting, well, everywhere, brush your animal’s coat regularly (ideally, once a day). This way, dead hair will end up on the brush, rather than everywhere else.

Keep things simple: put covers or washable blankets on your chair and couches if your pet’s in the habit of hopping up onto them. This way, you can just toss them in the washing machine when they get dirty. By the same token, choose carpets that can be cleaned and/or vacuumed easily.

Lighten the workload: to have less to clean, consider limiting the rooms to which your pet has access. You might want to, for instance, block entry to rooms with tough-to-clean carpets and nice fabrics.

Clean as you go: clean up messes as soon as they happen. Getting in the habit of regularly cleaning up here and there is the key to keeping your house spick and span.

Chico: helping you have a clean and healthy pet

Finally, it goes without saying that a well-groomed pet goes a long way to keeping a clean house. Did you know that Chico provides personalized and extensive grooming services for dogs and cats? Make an appointment today at one of our shops!