Tips for choosing a pet adoption centre

Are you planning to welcome a dog, cat or other pet into your home? If so, hopefully you’re planning to adopt your future companion at a local rescue, refuge or adoption centre. It’s a great way to make a positive difference in your community. At Chico, we support the mission of organizations that care for abandoned animals. In this article, we help you make an informed decision about which pet adoption agency to work with.

Talk to other pet owners

One of the best ways to find a good adoption centre is by word of mouth. If you know people who’ve adopted from shelters, pounds or humane societies, ask them about their experience. Alternatively, you can join a Facebook group or another online gathering place for local pet lovers. The members in these groups can help guide you in your decision.

Do a bunch of online research

Visit the websites and social media pages of various shelters and centres you’re considering. Take the time to look at the records of the pets awaiting adoption and check which of the following expenses are included in the adoption fees:

  • Sterilization
  • Microchipping
  • Vaccines
  • Deworming
  • Full examination by a veterinarian
  • Temporary health insurance

Visit the facility to see what it’s like

It’s important to be safe and show consideration when visiting a pet adoption centre. In particular, be sure to follow public health guidelines so as to protect staff, volunteers and the animals.

If you see something worrying (for example, very narrow or overly dirty cages, poorly ventilated rooms, a lack of toys, animals that seem sick or sluggish), this should dissuade you from adopting a pet from that centre. As long as substandard pet adoption centres have customers, they’ll remain in business.

Ask to see the permit from the MAPAQ

Are you smitten with one of the pet adoption centres you visited? You should still exercise caution: ensure that it holds the mandatory permit issued by the MAPAQ. This way, you can be sure you aren’t dealing with an illegal pet adoption facility. The holder of this document is required to photocopy it and post it in a place where it can be easily seen by the public.

Once you’ve chosen your adoption centre and adopted your pet, visit your local Chico pet shop for the best food, toys and accessories.