The importance of good dental hygiene in cats and dogs

Did you know that February is Pet Dental Health Month? The Ordre des médecins vétérinaires du Québec is using this occasion to remind us that oral hygiene plays a major role in your dog or cat’s overall health. In this article, we outline why it’s important to brush your pet’s teeth at home and to bring your pet to the vet for regular professional teeth cleanings.

Developing an oral health routine

The main thing to be concerned about is tartar buildup. Not only does tartar cause your pet’s breath to smell, it presents various health risks. The best way to keep plaque and tartar at bay is with regular brushing. 

Ideally, you should start brushing your pet’s teeth as soon as you adopt them. This task may prove a bit difficult at first but if you stick with it, soon enough it will become an easy habit for both you and your pet to perform. 

There are a number of specialized products geared toward your pet’s oral health, including different varieties of brushes, enzyme toothpastes and chewing sticks. There are also liquid solutions that can be added to water to help fight plaque and tartar (for example, TropiClean) and pet food varieties with distinct oral health benefits. We carry all these products at Chico. 

To determine which oral health products are right for your pet, don’t hesitate to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff members. Moreover, take advantage of your visit by asking about “Buco+,” a safe and natural Quebec-made oral health product that you can add to your pet’s food.

Comprehensive teeth cleaning with a veterinarian

Despite your best efforts, your pet may still have issues with plaque and tartar. If not attended to, these problems can lead to gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis. Such oral diseases can, in turn, have serious consequences if left untreated, such as tooth loss or the migration of harmful bacteria to vital organs.

Contrary to an esthetic teeth cleaning done in a grooming salon, a professional teeth cleaning is a meticulous procedure performed at a veterinary clinic with the use of general anaesthesia. This Pet Dental Health Month, consider making an appointment with your veterinarian to have your pet’s teeth cleaned.

Are you looking for quality food and products that will help regulate your pet’s oral health? You’ll find everything you need at Chico, you neighbourhood pet shop. Drop in and visit us today!