Refuse to eat? Discover our tips

A healthy animal usually has a good appetite. It sometimes happens, for different reasons, that our little beast sulks its meal and refuses to eat. But why does your pet no longer eat?

In your pet, loss of appetite can be due to several causes. Whether it’s a recipe that doesn’t like it or health problems, loss of appetite should be taken seriously.

When an animal is picky and does not like certain recipes, it is important to take into consideration its preferences to find the recipe that suits it. Several food ranges offer recipes with enhanced flavors for our most reluctant companions.

Certain health issues, such as gastroenteritis, gingivitis, irritation of the digestive system, bulimia, stress and depression, fever, kidney pain or failure can also be the cause of loss of appetite in pets.

Taking certain medications, a recent vaccine, motion sickness or food poisoning can also be the cause behind your pet’s refusal to eat. If you suspect a health problem in your pet that prevents him from eating normally you should schedule a meeting with a veterinarian as soon as possible.

If your pet is healthy, here are some tips to make him regain his desire to eat:

  1. Change the food recipe;
  2. Make sure the food is fresh;
  3. Adapt the diet to the age of the animal;
  4. Add wet dietary supplements to your meals;

Looking for a new recipe for your pet? Discuss this with our in-store specialists.