Savic Chicken Drinker 3L



Discover our 3L chicken drinker, essential equipment to ensure optimal hydration of your poultry with ease. Made with premium materials, this waterer is built to withstand the outdoor elements and ensure long-lasting use.
With a generous 3 liter capacity, this drinker can hold enough water for your hens, helping to limit frequent refills.

Its intelligent design is designed to avoid any waste of water while maintaining impeccable hygiene. Your hens will always have access to clean, fresh water thanks to this efficient distribution system.

The installation and maintenance of this drinker are easy, thus simplifying the management of your animals. Whether you have a few chickens in your garden or a larger flock, this waterer is perfectly suited for all situations.

Opt for quality and comfort by choosing our 3L chicken drinker, guaranteeing the well-being of your poultry throughout the year. Provide them with a reliable water source and enjoy healthy and thriving breeding.

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