Leave-In Detangler

Bleu Lavande


Discover our Leave-in Detangler, the essential accessory to maintain the coat of your cats and dogs with ease. This convenient and effective detangler is specially designed to untangle tangles and tangled strands without the need for rinsing, providing fast, hassle-free care.

Made with gentle, high-quality ingredients, this detangler takes care of your pets’ coat, leaving their fur soft, smooth and shiny.

Its use without rinsing saves time and reduces stress for your cats and dogs during grooming.

The Leave-In Detangler is suitable for all coat types, from long hair to short hair, to the delight of all your four-legged friends.

Give your cats and dogs a neat, tangle-free coat with our Leave-In Detangler. Enjoy easy and efficient grooming while preserving the comfort and well-being of your precious companions.

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Additional information

Brand Bleu Lavande