Five leather-free rolls – beef flavor (large)

Performatrin Ultra


Discover the large-sized Five Leather-Free Rolls, perfect for satisfying your dog’s natural instincts while providing a delicious chewing experience. These leather-free rolls are made from high-quality materials without any animal-derived products, making them suitable for sensitive dogs or environmentally conscious owners. Their irresistible beef flavor will captivate your four-legged companion, offering them hours of enjoyment and entertainment. Give your dog the best of both worlds: a sustainable and tasty alternative to satisfy their chewing instinct!

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For an optimal experience, give one roll to your dog while supervising their chewing. Ensure your dog always has access to fresh water. If the roll becomes too small to be held securely, remove it and replace it with a new one. To avoid choking hazards, do not allow your dog to swallow large pieces and never leave your dog unattended during chewing.
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Additional information

Brand Performatrin Ultra