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Give your cat a delicious treat that they will love! At Chico, we believe that good nutrition is essential for ensuring the health and longevity of our pets. That’s why we have prepared Chicken and Fish Treats with the best ingredients for demanding felines.

Our treats are made with premium chicken and fish protein to offer a tasty culinary experience to your cat. Additionally, each bite contains a supplement of taurine, an essential element for maintaining the ocular and cardiac health of your companion.

With Chico Gourmet’s Chicken and Fish Treats, you can offer your cat a balanced and delicious diet while taking care of their health. Your cat deserves the best, so give them the taste they love!

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Chicken meat, fish meat, vegetable glycerin, wheat gluten, rice flour, soy protein, tapioca, modified starch, natural flavors, sorbitol, chicken flavor, salt, cellulose fiber, red rice powder, caramel, titanium dioxide, paprika oil, taurine, vitamin C, rosemary extract, and tocopherols.

Chico Gourmet's Chicken and Fish Treats are perfect for rewarding your cat or helping with training. However, be sure they don't exceed 10% of your cat's daily energy requirements. We recommend giving them in moderation to maintain a balanced and healthy diet for your companion. Cats 4kg and over: up to 14 treats per day Cats 3-4kg: up to 11 treats per day Cats 2kg and under: up to 5 treats per day Be sure your cat always has access to fresh, clean water to accompany the treats. And remember, this packaging contains an oxygen absorber packet to keep the product fresh. Please remove it carefully before giving the treats to your cat. With Chico Gourmet's Chicken and Fish Treats, you can offer your cat a unique culinary experience while taking care of their health and well-being. Reward your cat with these delicious treats, but remember to give them in moderation for a balanced diet.
Protéines : Min. 30% Gras : Min. 3% Fibre : Max. 5% Humidité : Max. 20% Calories : 260/100g

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