Cage Trotter 1, Nordic Blue



Discover our Cage Trotter 1 in Nordic Blue, a stylish and practical way to transport your dogs and cats safely on the go. This cage is carefully designed to offer optimal comfort to your four-legged friends while ensuring their protection.
Made with durable, heavy-duty materials, this cage is perfect for travel, vet visits, or car rides. Its Nordic Blue color gives it a modern and attractive look.

The Cage Trotter 1 is equipped with ventilated grilles on the sides, guaranteeing adequate ventilation and a pleasant environment for your animals. Lockable doors provide extra security to prevent accidental opening during transport.

Its ergonomic design makes it easy to move the cage, and its solid handle allows for a comfortable grip. Plus, it’s lightweight and space-saving, making it convenient to store when not in use.

Whether you’re traveling with your dog or transporting your cat for a visit to the vet, the Cage Trotter 1 in Nordic Blue is the ideal choice to ensure their well-being and safety throughout the journey.

Give your furry companions the best comfort on the go by opting for our Cage Trotter 1 in Nordic Blue. Travel serenely and enjoy unforgettable moments with your beloved pets.

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Additional information

Brand Savic