3L Chicken Feeder



Discover our 3L chicken feeder, an essential accessory to feed your feathered friends in a practical and efficient way. Made of high quality materials, this feeder is built to last and withstand outdoor conditions.
With its generous 3 liter capacity, this feeder can accommodate a substantial amount of seed or food for your birds. Its clever design keeps food dry and fresh, preventing waste.

Equipped with an intelligent distribution system, the 3L chicken feeder automatically regulates access to food, thus avoiding waste and preserving the cleanliness of the environment.

Easy to install and maintain, this feeder is the perfect accessory for owners of birds of all sizes, from small passerines to large poultry.

Give your birds the best with our 3L chicken feeder and ensure they receive balanced and plentiful nutrition all year round. Enjoy a lively and colorful garden with this practical and aesthetic accessory.

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Additional information

Brand Savic