No A/C, no problem: how to keep your pet cool during a heat wave

Do you have a pet, but no air conditioning at home? During heat waves, it’s your responsibility to keep your four-legged roommate cool and prevent him from developing heatstroke. In this article, your Chico pet store will show you how to face the suffocating summer heat with simple, budget-friendly solutions.

Close the curtains when the sun is at its strongest

During the summer, your apartment can turn into a literal greenhouse if you leave the curtains open all day. Early in the morning, open the windows for a few minutes to let fresh air in, then close them and draw the curtains, blinds or drapes. For this to be most effective, use opaque window coverings rather than translucent ones.

Be smart with fans

While they don’t provide as much refreshment as an air conditioner, ceiling or standing fans are still valuable allies during a heat wave. Have a few of them in place to help keep your rooms cool, but don’t point them directly at your pet.

Provide plenty of water

Experts are unanimous: in order to prevent thermal shock, never give ice-cold water to your pet (and never give a pet an ice bath!). Instead, give your ferret, rabbit, hamster, cat or dog lukewarm water to drink, and replace it often as it’ll heat up fast.

Get some cooling accessories designed for pets

At your local Chico animal store, you’ll find cute scarves and carpets that contain a refreshing gel. During periods of extreme heat, this type of item can significantly improve your pet’s comfort in a non-air-conditioned environment.

Don’t shave your dog for the summer!

Did you know that dogs’ fur is extremely useful in regulating their body temperature? Their coat naturally captures and retains moisture particles found in the air, which contributes to keeping them cool. In other words, cutting a dog’s fur during a heat wave will do more harm than good.

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