An experienced young franchisee (Greenfield Park)

May 9 2022

Greenfield Park, Monday May 2, 2022  – Boutique d’animaux Chico is pleased to open its 70th boutique in Greenfield Park with the Grégoire family, Anna-Belle, only 19 years old, Éric Grégoire and Lucie Angers. Long-time dairy farm owners, Lucie and Éric are embarking on this new pet adventure to help their daughter, Anna-Belle, realize her dream of working with pets.

“I always knew I wanted to work with animals, but I wasn’t interested in taking over the family farm. While I was working at a Chico pet shop, I talked with my parents, and that’s when we made this big decision. I’m really happy that they are offering me this opportunity.”
– Anna-Belle Gregoire, 19 years old and co-franchisee of the Boutique d’animaux Chico on Taschereau Boulevard in Greenfield Park.

A 100% Chico franchisee
Co-franchisee with her parents, Anna-Belle has a typical Chico background. Before becoming a franchisee, she worked for three years at her aunt Karine Grégoire’s Chico store in La Prairie. She was also part of the first cohort of the DEP program in sales and consulting offered by Chico. At only 19 years old, she already has a lot of experience with customers and animals, whether big or small!

The Chico-mobile
With a small car displaying Chico’s colors, the new franchisees will offer home delivery service. That way, they will be able to better serve the neighborhood and surrounding areas. Kibbles delivered directly into the dog’s bowl!

A bit of history
The first Chico store was founded over 35 years ago in the Hochelaga neighbourhood. Today, the company has over 70 franchises in Quebec.

The Chico network experienced spectacular growth in 2008. Since then, many entrepreneurs with a passion for animals have chosen to join the Chico family by becoming franchisees. Boutiques d’animaux Chico is now the largest chain of neighbourhood pet stores in Quebec.

Store location
3852 Boulevard Taschereau
Greenfield Park, Qc
J4V 2H9
450 286-0460

About Boutique d’animaux Chico
Boutique d’animaux Chico specializes in providing consulting services, accessories, food and toys for all pets. Our many franchisees have only one mission : to provide a healthy environment and a great quality of life for your pets, and have done so for over 35 years!

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