Leaving a dog alone at home: what you need to know

If you’ve decided to adopt a dog, you’ll naturally want them to be happy around the clock, even when you’re absent. In this article, we want to inform dog owners about the potential dangers of leaving dogs home alone and provide simple solutions for ensuring their pet’s safety.

Don’t give your dog the run of the house 

Many well-intentioned owners choose to let their dog roam free around the house while they’re away. They think that that way their dog won’t get too bored or lonely while they’re gone. They turn on the TV, set out some food and leave out some toys.

Unfortunately, Chico team members regularly hear harrowing stories from customers about how their dogs got injured, poisoned or even killed while left at home without supervision. Owners need to understand that most dogs are highly curious and exploratory. They’ll go to great lengths to get at food and will gobble down just about anything. This can have disastrous consequences. For example, a dog might get into the garbage and end up choking on a chicken bone. Or they might climb up the pantry or a bookcase. If a shelf tumbles down, they could fall or get crushed.

The best way to ensure your dog’s safety while you’re away is to keep them in a large cage or in a closed room that’s completely free of potential hazards. Once they’re used to staying in the cage or room, your dog will form the habit of spending most of their time alone at home sleeping.

Don’t keep your dog in a cage for more than eight hours

As a general rule, experts advise that you don’t leave your dog in a cage for more than eight hours. After eight hours, they’ll need to relieve themselves and stretch their legs.

Have someone care of your dog if you’re away for long stretches

If you’re regularly away from home for more than eight hours, it’s essential that you get someone trustworthy to look after your dog for you. Leaving your dog with a family member, neighbour, kennel service or dog sitter will ensure they have a much more pleasant day.For quality food and accessories for your pup, visit your local Chico pet shop!