I’m spending the weekend at my cabin. Should I bring my cat?

Planning a weekend at your cabin and wondering whether it’d be a good idea to bring your cat along for the trip? Your Chico pet store suggests reading the following article to make an informed decision.

Car ride, stressful voyage

Cats who enjoy long car rides are few and far between. Is your cabin a few hours away? Confined in his cage, your cat might start to display signs of impatience (meowing) or anxiety (shaking, excess salivation)—not to mention car sickness (hello, vomit). Furthermore, be aware that your cat is likely to experience some form of incontinence, inadvertently giving the inside of your vehicle a foul aroma.

New environment, disrupted routine

While they do enjoy exploring, cats are territorial animals that prefer familiar locations. Bringing your furry friend to a cabin he’s unfamiliar with could cause him a great deal of stress and disrupt his eating and sleeping habits, among other consequences.

Dangers of the great outdoors

Once you get to your cabin, you’ll need to keep a watchful eye on your cat to prevent him from running away. Think about it—a cat who finds himself in a strange wooded area might get lost, get caught in a hunting trap, be bitten by infected ticks or encounter some less-than-friendly wildlife (a porcupine, a skunk or a coyote, for example).

Have a plan B for your cat’s safety

There are many ways for you to spend your weekend away without your cat but with your mind at ease. After all, it’s a short trip! For tips on who should care for your cat during your absence, read our article on the topic.

Pheromone-based products

If you absolutely must bring your cat to your cabin—or if you simply don’t have a choice—you can make the experience more pleasant for everyone involved by purchasing a pheromone-based collar or spray. This type of product can help reduce your pet’s stress levels. Ask one of our advisors to learn more.

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