How to take care of a betta fish

With their beautiful, shimmering scales and elaborate, fan-shaped fins, bettas (also known as Siamese fighting fish) are very popular among fish enthusiasts. At Chico, we too love bettas, and we want to make sure that aquarium owners know how to take care of them. If you’re thinking of adopting this fish, than this article’s for you.

What type of aquarium does a betta need?

Although they’re small and quiet (at least when they aren’t face to face with a rival), bettas aren’t meant to live in a small jar. For your betta to flourish, you need to provide it with a spacious living environment (at least 3.5 litres) in which they can swim, hide and dine in comfort. To replicate the betta’s natural environment, cover the bottom of the aquarium with quality gravel or sand and incorporate natural aquatic plants that help to clean the water. Also, note that most betta species prefer an aquarium that’s fairly warm (about 25°C) and on the shallow side (15 metres depth is sufficient). The water should be filtered and chlorine-free and a portion of it should be replaced weekly.

If you want to add decorations, be sure that they have smooth edges, as you don’t want your betta’s long, delicate fins to get torn (especially if it’s a male betta, as males tend to have larger fins that tear more easily).

Do you want to highlight the beautiful colours of your betta? Choose blue, green or purple LED lighting for your aquarium.

Finally, note that bettas like to jump, so always choose an aquarium with a lid.

What food should I give my betta and how often should I feed it?

Bettas are omnivores. They should be fed nutritious food in the form of flakes, pellets or granules but also an occasional helping of larvae and worms (freeze-dried or frozen). This will contribute to their health and longevity. Depending on the food you choose, you may need to feed your betta a small portion every day or a larger portion every other day.

A betta rarely lives longer than two years in an aquarium. However, with excellent care, some reach the impressive age of five. If you want to keep your betta happy and healthy for as long as possible, take optimal care of it. At Chico Pet store, you’ll find top-quality fish food for bettas as well as accessories to foster their well-being.