How to share pet-care responsibilities with your family

Do you live with a partner, young children or teenagers? If you want to enjoy the benefits of having a pet without doing all the work yourself, it’s best to divide the work fairly between family members. Here are some tips for doing so from the team at Chico.

Create a complete list of tasks to be done

No matter what type of animal you have (dog, cat, rabbit, bird, guinea pig, hamster, lizard, fish, etc.), a pet needs ongoing care. Start by making a list of all the things you need to do for your animal and how often it should be done. For example:

Every day

  • Feed it
  • Change its litter
  • Walk it

Once a week

  • Clean the cage
  • Brush it
  • Wash its ears

Once a month

  • Clean the aquarium
  • Bring it to the groomer
  • Trim its nails

Once a year

  • Bring it to the veterinarian
  • Renew its municipal licence
  • Replace its accessories

Assign tasks fairly according to each person’s ability

When your list is complete, get your family together and divide the tasks. To avoid complaints, consider setting up a rotating schedule. For example, your partner could empty the litter box on even-numbered days and you can do it on odd-numbered days.

Make sure to assign your kids jobs that they’re capable of doing on their own. Your little one’s three? Give them the “very important” mission of playing with your pet and petting it gently under your supervision. As they get older, they can become more involved and take on more serious responsibilities. A 13-year-old, for example, is old enough to walk the dog — and pick up after it.

Bonus tip: lay down some ground rules for your pet

It’s important that everyone in the family agrees on what is allowed or not allowed for your pet. This could include:

  • The animal isn’t allowed in the master bedroom
  • Never feed the dog table scraps
  • Wash your hands after playing with the pet

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