How to reduce hair loss?

Every year in spring and autumn our pets (cat and dog) lose their hair, this is called the molting period. It sometimes happens that an animal loses its hair excessively, in these cases, it can be a behavioral problem, the animal scratches when it is stressed for example or the sign of a disease. In these cases, it is important to visit a veterinarian to make sure you are doing the right deeds.

Dogs (and cats) lose their hair cyclically, it is the natural process that allows the hair to regenerate, much like hair. During the molting periods in spring and autumn the animals quickly lose a large amount of hair and this is quite normal. The activation of heaters also contributes to this phenomenon.

When is hair loss a sign of a health problem?

The quality of your pet’s hair is a reflection of its general state of health. When you notice excessive hair loss, outside the periods of molting and they extend over time, there may be here, the sign of a health problem. Hair loss is directly related to your pet’s diet, some recipes are specially designed to promote a reduction in hair loss in your pet. Food allergies, reactions to insect bites and reactions to medications can also be the cause of significant hair loss. If you notice that hair loss is accompanied by other symptoms such as skin problems (plaques, lesions, itching …), then you must consult a veterinarian without delay.

The solutions proposed by Chico:

Ocean recipe

Recipe potatoes and salmon

Ocean recipe

Chico’s recipes consist of protein sources and healthy grains specially selected to minimize allergens and acidic foods.