How to prevent wet dog smell

When your dog comes home after playing in the rain or jumping in puddles, he probably doesn’t smell so great. This characteristic scent comes from bacteria (and their feces) embedded in your dog’s fur. In this article, your Chico pet store will show you three ways to prevent and treat that oh-so-unpleasant wet dog smell.

  1. Regularly brush your pet’s coat

A good brushing gets rid of dead hairs and dirt and debris of all kinds (dust, mud, pollen, etc.). It also helps spread out natural oils that protect your pet against various skin problems. Plus, brushing your four-legged friend makes his coat feel softer and look shinier.

  1. Wash your dog at a reasonable frequency

While necessary for getting rid of wet dog smell, bathing removes a large part of the protective oils on your dog’s skin. Don’t give your pet too many baths. To find out how frequently you should clean your pup, ask your vet for advice.

  1. Break out the big guns with SOS Odeurs products

Does your dog’s fur smell really, really awful after a play session in the great outdoors? Don’t hesitate to use Magic Odour, a product by the Quebec-based company SOS Odeurs. All you need to do is spray—being careful to avoid the eyes and mouth—and massage the liquid into your pet’s fur. In a blink of an eye, the smell of wet dog will be replaced by a delicate, fresh fragrance.

Does your dog’s fur smell too strongly for ordinary shampoos to take care of? Try Magic Shampoo, another excellent SOS Odeurs product available at Chico.

Wet dog smell, a health symptom?

Some skin problems can cause foul smells. If your dog gives off a bad odour despite your best efforts, check for excessive scratching, skin redness or scabs in his coat. When in doubt, visit your vet.

Chico has all the solutions for a clean, great-smelling dog

From grooming services to care products, Chico, your neighbourhood pet store, has everything you need to ensure your dog’s good hygiene. Come visit us!