Get your dog ready for summer with quality products from Chico pet shops!

Come summer, long walks, camping trips and having fun at the park are among the many activities you and your dog can look forward to. But do you have everything you need to make sure your beloved companion gets through the summer safely? At Chico, your trusted neighbourhood pet shop, we offer a wide variety of useful—and fun!—accessories that cater to the well-being of your canine companion.

For a hydrated dog

When it’s really hot outside, it’s essential that your pet has access to a source of fresh water. Thus, consider buying a reusable water bottle for dogs, or a portable silicone bowl, that you can carry around during any outing. Ensuring that your dog stays hydrated while you’re running around town is as simple as filling your bowl or container with water from a public tap. These products are practical, durable and low-maintenance. Once you give them a try, we bet you won’t be able to manage without them!

For a dog safe from pests

When you and your pooch are having fun outdoors, fleas, mosquitos, ticks and other pests are ever close at hand. Their stings and bites are not only unpleasant, but they can also make your pet very sick. Be sure to always use mosquito repellent, anti-tick treatments and Zodiac brand anti-flea products (renowned for their effectiveness). Getting a tool specifically designed to easily remove ticks is also a good idea. All of these products are available at your local Chico pet shop.

For a dog that stays cool

To avoid heat strokes, make sure your dog has access to a shaded area, fresh water and an air conditioned environment (or at least one that’s properly ventilated). For even more comfort, offer your dog a scarf, a pillow or a mattress containing a cooling gel: these products are ideal during a heat wave or after an intense bout of activity.

For a dog that stays active

Chico offers a wide range of water toys for dogs—what could be better than having fun and staying cool at the same time! Moreover, for hours of fun at the beach or at the park, look for colourful balls, ropes and Frisbees. These quality toys are sure to entertain your four-legged friend all summer long.

Need food, pest control or toys and accessories for your dog? Then plan a visit to the Chico pet shop near you—before it gets hot!