Get to know your local dog-friendly spots

Do you always take your dog on the exact same walk, along the exact same streets? In this blog post, your neighbourhood Chico pet store will show you how to shake up your routine by discovering new dog-friendly places near you.

How do I find out where all the dog-friendly places are in my area?

There are lots of different ways you can sniff out the best dog-friendly places near your home. You could, for example, search online, ask other dog owners you come across during your walks, chat with fellow clients at the groomer or the vet, or get some tips from the friendly staff at your local Chico pet store.

What kinds of dogs are accepted in dog-friendly establishments?

Most dog-friendly places are open to dogs of any breed. However, depending on the location, your pet may need to meet certain requirements in order to access the premises, such as:

·       Being vaccinated and de-wormed

·       Not acting aggressive

·       Not having a contagious illness

·       Wearing an ID collar

Furthermore, we don’t recommend bringing a non-neutered female dog in heat to a place with many other dogs. Her scent could arouse surrounding males and cause problematic situations.

What kinds of places are likely to welcome my dog?

In addition to canine cafés, there are lots of establishments that accept dogs or even encourage their presence:

·       Hotels

·       Historic sites

·       Mountains

·       Motels

·       Museums

·       Parks

·       Beaches

·       Nature preserves

·       Campgrounds

·       Restaurant patios

Before you decide to go on an outing with your dog, make sure pets are indeed allowed wherever you’re headed. While dog-friendly establishments are increasingly popular in Quebec, they’re still somewhat few and far between.

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