Follow these 7 steps to safely transport your aquarium

Are you and your pet fish moving into a new home? You’ll need to take extra care when transporting your fish and aquarium. They should be the last things you pack and the first things you bring into your new place. To get your fish and your aquarium from A to B without a hitch, the team at Chico recommends that you follow these seven steps.

Note that these instructions apply only to aquariums that are 100 litres or less. Larger aquariums require a different procedure.

  1. Don’t feed your fish in the two days leading up to your move. This will ensure that they don’t soil the bag or container they’re being transported in, which could negatively affect their health.
  2. On the day of the move, unplug the filter and empty most of the water into a large clean container.
  3. Carefully remove your fish from the aquarium with a net and put them in a sterile plastic bag or container filled with aquarium water. Be sure to leave a layer of air, especially if the trip is a long one.
  4. Finish emptying the aquarium, but not completely. Leave about six centimetres of water so as to maintain the water’s bacterial balance.
  5. Protect the aquarium with bubble wrap, Styrofoam or blankets. When you put it in the trunk of your car or in the moving truck, ensure that it’s on an entirely flat surface. Note that moving companies don’t offer animal transport services.
  6. Once you reach your destination, attend to your aquarium right away. Set it down in the spot you’ve chosen for it in your new place, fill it up and plug in the filter and the water heater, if required.
  7. Put the bag or container holding your fish in the aquarium for thirty minutes before gently introducing them back in the water, but don’t do this with your bare hands. This acclimatization period is extremely important, as it prevents the shock of a sudden temperature change.

Finally, keep in mind that even if you take every precaution when transporting your fish, the bumps and jolts of the trip and the change of environment will inevitably cause them some amount of stress. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for fish to die during a move or shortly thereafter.

For an aquarium that your fish will love and that will look fantastic in your home, count on the team at Chico! We also stock numerous fish species and all you need for well fed. We’re always ready to help with your pet needs and provide excellent advice, so come see us!