Fish nutrition

How Much Do I Feed?

A good rule of thumb is to use time as a guiding factor. Most aggressive feeders can easily consume their requirements within two to three minutes, two to three times daily. Fish such as Discus and Bottom dwellers (Catfish, Loaches, Sharks, Plecostomus) require approximately 5 minutes to properly nourish themselves. It is suggested to consult books and knowledgeable pet store staff to obtain specific details about the species being kept.

Feeding Tips

  • Identify feeding requirements of species kept (herbivores, omnivores, etc.).
  • Try to avoid feeding large predatory species with live fish. Use appropriate dry or frozen foods. There is less chance of disease transmission and this will facilitate the feeding of your fish if you are away.
  • Allow a minimum of 30 minutes after the lights are turned on and 30 minutes before the lights are turned off before feeding.
  • Keep dry food away from moisture and try not to handle food (especially with wet hands).
  • Use a Feeding Ring for dry foods. It helps prevent food from entering the gravel and filter.
  • Use an automatic feeder, if your schedule does not permit regular feeding.
  • Aquariums containing bottom feeders (botias, corydoras, etc.) should be fed regularly with bottom feeding tablets.
  • Always try to incorporate some Spirulina in a fish’s diet,especially for herbivores.

Source : Basic Aquarium Guide