Does my pet need warm clothes for the cold weather?

Does Fido need a pair of boots and a coat to go on his winter walks, on top of his thick layer of fur? The answer to this question is a bit complicated. In this article we at Chico, your animal boutique, will get to the bottom of it!

Winter clothes aren’t generally necessary for certain breeds of dog
Do you own a husky, St. Bernard, Akita, Samoyed, or Alaskan malamute? These types of dog have developed thick coats so they can withstand the cold temperatures of winter without additional protection. That being said, you should always be sure that your faithful companion always has access to a dry spot out of the wind in the winter.

Warm clothes are usually necessary for breeds of dog that are vulnerable to cold
Shorthaired breeds of dog, such as boxers, Chihuahuas, and greyhounds, are extremely sensitive to the cold. If the temperature is mild (above freezing) and sunny, you can take your dog for a short walk without his jacket. Otherwise, if the conditions are difficult and you wouldn’t go out in the cold without clothes yourself, you should get your four-legged friend dressed up to protect him from the cold.

IMPORTANT: if your dog is very young, very old, weak, or sick, you should strictly limit the time he spends in the cold, no matter which breed he is.

What are the recommended winter clothes for my dog?
To keep your dog warm, choose a thick coat with a lining. To prevent frostbite and cuts in the paw pads—which can be frequent in winter—dress your pet in waterproof boots. It’s possible that your pup will resist putting them on at first. Be patient! Training dogs to wear their boots is a gradual process but you’ll be rewarded in the end. Once your pet associates wearing a coat and boots with going for a more comfortable walk in the fresh air, there will be fewer attempts to squirm out of his clothes.

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