Choosing Your Bird

As a potential new pet bird owner, you should choose a bird that will best suit your lifestyle. Before you buy, consult with your pet shop retailer about which species will best fit your lifestyle.


The tiniest members of the parrot family, parakeets (budgies), are the easiest to keep. Babies will become quite tame; some can even be taught to talk.

Finches and canaries

Finches and canaries have the ability to serenade with beautiful melodies. These birds are also generally less messy and independent.


Cockatiels are popular birds that have favorable traits, a nice disposition and can provide companionship for up to ten years or more.

Larger parrot-type birds

Larger parrot-type birds like cockatoos, amazons and macaws generally crave companionship and need extra exercise and attention. You will need to spend a lot of time with these birds to keep them happy. Left home alone, they often become noisy or depressed.