Choosing the right brush for your pet

A proper brushing routine helps your cat or dog stay neat and clean. Furthermore, it contributes to the overall health of your pet. In this article, the team at Chico gives you some tips for choosing a brush that’s well suited to your furry friend. We also discuss how often you should give her a brushing.

4 types of pet brushes

The main factors to consider when choosing the right brush for your dog or cat are its fur length, fur type and how sensitive the skin is. Your pet may, moreover, need grooming beyond a simple brushing in order to have soft, healthy fur. Here are four of the most common types of pet brushes:

  • Pin brush. This brush has wire bristles capped with protective balls and is ideal for removing knots. If your dog or cat has long fur, choose a model with large, widely spaced bristles. Generally, this brush isn’t meant for sensitive areas and should only be used on the back and neck.


  • Shedding brush. Also called a slicker brush, this type of brush is designed to collect dead hair and lighten your pet’s undercoat. It’s very useful to have one of these during shedding season. Shedding combs serve the same function.


  • Soft-bristle brush. Made with nylon or boar hair, soft bristle brushes remove both dead hair and dead skin. As its flexible and doesn’t irritate the skin, it can be used on your pet’s belly, paws and other sensitive areas. It can also be used for grooming short-haired pets. 


  • Massage brush. Made with large plastic or rubber bristles, this brush is perfect for dogs and cats with sensitive skin and gives them an excellent massage. Some models are made in the form of a glove for added convenience.

How often should you brush your pet?

Most short-haired pets can be brushed weekly, while long-haired pets generally require daily brushing. Cats in particular benefit from regular brushing, as they may begin to develop hairballs in their stomachs as a result of self-grooming. During shedding season, brushing your pet daily is a must.

Are you looking for a top-quality brush for your pet? Or do you want to treat your pet to a professional grooming? To give your dog or cat everything it needs for beautiful, healthy fur, visit a Chico store near you.