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Quality accessories for your pet's happiness and activity

Quality Accessories for the Happiness and Activity of your Pet

Various Accessories for the Comfort of Your Companion

Give your pet all the comfort it needs with Zoo&co accessories. Our range includes a multitude of accessories, ranging from cat trees to beds, transport boxes, ejection bags, training towels and much more. Each product is carefully designed to give your four-legged friend the comfort he needs to be happy and active.

  • A cozy nest with Zoo&co beds: Offer your pet a cozy place to rest with our comfortable and soft beds. Made with high quality materials, our beds offer optimal support and soothing warmth so that your pet can rest in peace.
  • Comfort and safety on the go with Zoo&co transport boxes: Whether you are travelling by car or plane, Zoo&co transport boxes guarantee the comfort and safety of your pet during transport. Made with durable materials and packed with practical features, our transport boxes provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pet on the go.
  • Spotlessly clean with Zoo&co training towels: Potty training can be a daunting task, but with Zoo&co training towels, you can make the process easier. Our training towels are designed to effectively absorb liquids, reduce odors and protect floors, making them an essential tool for keeping your home clean.

Quality and Accessibility at Affordable Prices

At Zoo&co, we believe that all animals deserve quality accessories, regardless of their budget. That’s why we are committed to offering high-quality products at affordable prices, so that you can offer the best to your companion without breaking the bank.

  • High quality at a low price: We carefully select durable and resistant materials to manufacture our Zoo&co accessories. Our goal is to offer you quality products that will last a long time, while maintaining affordable prices. We believe that your pet’s comfort and happiness should not be compromised by the cost of accessories.
  • Exclusivity at Chico: The products of the Zoo&co range are exclusively available at Chico. We are proud of our partnership with Chico, who shares our commitment to pet owner satisfaction and the well-being of their companions. By choosing Zoo&co accessories at Chico, you benefit from a unique selection and an exceptional shopping experience.

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