Sabine&Gaspard - Superior grooming products

Appreciated by groomers and veterinarians

Top Quality Quebec Grooming Products for Our Four-legged Friends

The Sabine & Gaspard range is the result of a project that began in 2004. We offer our four-legged friends and their masters superior quality Quebec grooming products, in an attractive and different packaging. We tried to capture the spirit of man’s best friend in every bottle.

Sabine & Gaspard offers innovative formulas composed of ingredients from the latest technological advances, with the aim of using ingredients of the highest quality. Sabine & Gaspard shampoos and conditioners have been specially formulated to respect the skin of your favorite animal, including its pH. They do not contain any salt and therefore do not irritate the eyes and mucous membranes. These formulas are therefore safe for animals with sensitive skin.

Sabine & Gaspard also offers 4 unique and sophisticated fragrances. Your pet will walk with its head held high and attract all eyes in its path.

In addition, Sabine & Gaspard skincare products include an ear cleansing lotion, eye cleansing water, degreaser, leg balm and muzzle balm. These formulas are safe for animals with sensitive skin.