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Premium Nutrition for Your Pet's Optimal Health

Superior Nutrition for Your Pet’s Optimal Health

Meet Your Pet’s Daily Needs with Performatrin Prime

Give your pet top quality nutrition with Performatrin Prime. Our science-based formulas are specifically designed to meet your pet’s specific daily energy and nutrient needs, regardless of their life stage.

  • A diet adapted to each stage of life: We understand that your pet’s nutritional needs change throughout their lives. That’s why Performatrin Prime offers recipes specially formulated for growing puppies and kittens, active adults and older pets requiring joint support. Choose the right formula for your companion for targeted and optimal nutrition.
  • High quality ingredients: At Performatrin Prime, we are committed to using only the highest quality ingredients. Our recipes are free of animal by-product flour, corn, wheat and soy. We favor easy-to-digest ingredients, such as chicken, salmon and whole grains, to provide your pet with balanced, high-quality nutrition.
  • Balance of essential nutrients: Performatrin Prime recipes are formulated with balanced levels of protein, fat and fiber, to meet your pet’s specific needs. Protein promotes muscle growth and bone health, while fats provide energy and support skin and coat health. Fiber contributes to healthy digestion and optimal bowel regularity.

Promote the Global Health of Your Pet with Performatrin Prime 

The overall health of your pet is our priority at Performatrin Prime. Our formulas are designed to support your pet’s overall well-being, in addition to meeting their specific nutritional needs.

  • Immune and antioxidant support: Our recipes are enriched with natural antioxidants, such as fruits and vegetables, to strengthen your pet’s immune system. Antioxidants help protect cells from free radical damage, promoting optimal health.
  • Digestive health: Performatrin Prime contains prebiotic fiber that promotes healthy digestion and optimal bowel regularity. Efficient digestion is essential for maximum nutrient absorption and digestive comfort for your pet.
  • Joint Support and Mobility: The specially designed formulas for older animals at Performatrin Prime are enriched with nutrients beneficial to the joints. These ingredients help maintain joint health and promote mobility, allowing your pet to stay active and fit.

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