Orijen - Nourish as nature intended

ORIJEN diets feature unmatched amounts of WholePrey animal ingredients

Biologically Appropriate Recipes Based on High Quality Ingredients

Known for its commitment to using high-quality and biologically appropriate ingredients, ORIJEN creates recipes that aim to mimic the natural diet of dogs and cats, which consists mainly of meat and protein.

One of the most notable features of ORIJEN is its focus on sourcing ingredients from regional suppliers. The brand favors the use of fresh and regional ingredients, raised or fished sustainably and ethically. These ingredients include a variety of meats, poultry, fish and whole eggs, providing a rich source of animal protein for pets.

Recipes are free of artificial preservatives, colours and flavours, and do not contain unnecessary cereals or fillers. ORIJEN is also proud of its unique “Whole Prey” concept, which aims to include a variety of animal-based ingredients in their natural proportions, such as meat, organ meat, and cartilage, to provide a complete and balanced nutritional profile.

In addition, ORIJEN incorporates a diverse range of fruits, vegetables and plants into its recipes, offering natural sources of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.