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At Hill’s, lifelong good health starts with science. Our basic ingredient is knowledge and we understand what animals need to live long and healthy lives. Hill’s Science Diet products are designed with the joint expertise of more than 220 veterinarians, scientists and animal nutritionists.

Predictive biology is at the heart of how we prepare effective foods that meet the different needs of puppies, kittens, dogs and cats, regardless of size. Served every day, the right food makes small transformations that can lead to incredible results in the end. Our foods are recommended, with good reason, by veterinarians all over the world.

Hill’s Everyday Recipes offers biology-based foods that anticipate your pet’s ever-changing needs as they grow from puppy or kitten to adult dog or cat.

Pets with health issues need nutritional support more than ever. Veterinarians recommend Hill’s Specialty Recipes products to provide specialized and therapeutic care.

Hill’s Small Breeds helps ensure that the nutritional needs of small breed dogs are met. We formulate our dry and canned food for small breeds based on their aging needs.

Hill’s is committed to providing high-quality foods that contribute to the health and happiness of pets around the world. Thanks to their expertise and dedication to research in animal nutrition, they continue to innovate to offer superior quality products.